Mohali incident should not happen here, instead of wasting time on mobile, focus on your goal.

Mohali incident should not happen here, instead of wasting time on mobile, focus on your goal.

Use of mobile is increasing day by day. Along with use, abuse is also increasing. People are addicted to mobile. Taking advantage of this addiction, cyber criminals carry out criminal incidents by trapping the youth in their trap.

College women’s wing has started making girl students aware of mobile use.

What has happened at Chandigarh University is a big example of misuse of mobile. We have started class-wise counseling of college students so that this type of incident does not happen here. Especially the girl students are being explained about the use of mobile. They are being motivated to distance themselves from social media.

The misuse of mobile takes the future of the students into darkness. Therefore, students should not misuse their mobile at all. Our college has an orientation program on Wednesday. In this program, students will be especially motivated to avoid the misuse of mobiles. Earlier we used to talk about protecting girl students from boys, but the Chandigarh

University incident has taken us by surprise.

I appeal to all the students that they should not misuse mobile not only in college but wherever they are. The misuse of mobile is very dangerous for all of us. Students who enroll in college to study. They should focus on that. For this, students should read motivational books in the library. If you have any problems, you should tell your teachers. -Doctor. Snehlata, Media Incharge Government PG College Hisar

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