Monica O My Darling

Radhika says she was ‘quite nervous’ on doing comedy in ‘Monica O My Darling’

Entertainer Radhika Apte nailed it with her comic jokes as a bad cop in the film ‘Monica O My Darling’. In any case, it was difficult for her, and was “very apprehensive” as she was following through with something like this.

Discussing fresh parody working out easily for her, Radhika in a discussion with IANS said: “This is whenever I first have followed through with something like this. I was very anxious about it, however. Vasan had certainty.”

Radhika Apte has a few traded with entertainer Rajkummar Rao, whom she says was “energized” to work with.

“I was exceptionally eager to work with Rajkummar and anything that we did was an item that I truly delighted in it. I love watching comedies. Trust I get to do all the more at this point.”

Entertainingly, Radhika Apte has even mouthed an interesting viral image  “Kya karun main itni sundar hun” in the film during a dialogue exchange with Rajkummar Rao.

How can she see the dynamic trade between movies and images?

Radhika Apte said that she didn’t know about the image. “I didn’t know about it very I got it done. I saw that TikTok video a lot later. I had barely any familiarity with it. “

‘Monica O My Darling’, which vows to be an elegant neo-noir wrongdoing satire thrill ride, is set to make a big appearance on Netflix on November 11.

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