Mother’s Day 2022: Poonam Pandey talks about her bond with her mom; ‘I cannot imagine having a daughter like me’ 

Poonam Pandey’s bonding with her mother is the most special relationship that she has in her life. The actress who has been judged, criticised, and trolled for everything and anything is just a daughter to her mother and she loves her for who she is. Poonam who was a part of the most controversial show Lock Upp did everything best for her survival.

In the show, the audience witnessed the never seen before bonding between Poonam and her mom. Many were surprised to see her mom as there were lots of reports suggested that the family isn’t in touch with her due to her choices. 

But her mom’s entrance into the show rubbished all the rumours. Today on mother’s day special, we spoke to Poonam about her mom. We asked her if it was easy for her mom to accept her the way she is.

To which Poonam answered, ” I was very afraid that my mom wouldn’t turn up at the show because she was very upset with me because of the mistakes I made in past. I was very scared. But she came to the show and she forgave me”. Poonam couldn’t hold her emotions while talking to us, she was in tears

Poonam further added that she is very much aware that is very tough for her mom to be her mother, ” I cannot imagine having a daughter like me. I mean sometimes I think about what would I do if I would be in her place, would I be as acceptable as she is or not. I don’t know. I don’t know how to put this in words.

I mean she is Poonam Pandey’s mom. Come on!”. Poonam is extremely grateful to her mom for standing by her and accepting her despite all the mistakes she has done. Well after all she is a mother and mothers are like this, concluded Poonam. So all the girls go out and hug your mom today for being her.

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