Saas, Bahu Aur Flamingo

Did you know Dimple Kapadia cracked her finger during the shoot of Saas, Bahu aur Flamingo

Predictable, reverential, and hierarchical – not anymore! Get ready to witness the dawn of saas bahu 2.0 as Disney+ Hotstar announces its upcoming show Hotstar Specials’ Saas, Bahu aur Flamingo, a story that redefines everything you thought you knew about the saas – bahu relationship. A mother-in-law who is unapologetically hardcore, and daughters-in-law who are steadfast and formidable – these women are nothing but badass, powerful, and even ruthless by choice.

The first glance of Saas Bahu aur Flamingo has left a trail of chatter across! Want to peek into this badass universe and dive deep into the mind of the creator? Well, Homi Adajania shares his thoughts on smashing patriarchy and how he did not let action sequences or uncomfortable language define the badassery of the characters.

Elaborating further on this, Homi Adajania added, “The women in my show are beyond male suppression and the sexist nature of society at large. Their characters are fearless spartans. No one would dare to confront them on any turf. They are not shackled by the power play of any patriarchy and have understood the system and know how to manipulate it. The great part about this ensemble was that they have the exact same energy and zeal in them.”

Furthermore, talking about the action sequences on the series, “During a few action sequences in the show, Dimple Kapadia cracked her finger in the first take and yet continued to punch a door with her broken finger for four more takes. Radhika Madan flew off a 30-foot high structure and dangled in the air on her harness – she wasn’t fazed at all and just climbed back up and continued all guns blazing. Isha Talwar had squibs burst in her face, went to hospital and returned to fight again. I realised then I had a bunch of unstoppable females and that I’m not over-shooting the gravity of the narrative.”

Welcome the ultimate Saas-Bahu duo and watch them shatter patriarchy 5th May onwards only on Disney+ Hotstar

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