Megha Ray

‘Sapnon Ki Chhalaang’ Actress Megha Ray Shares The Feedback She’s Getting From People, “It Feels Like They Are Watching A Film”

Actress Megha Ray, who is part of the show called Sapnon Ki Chhalaang produced by Nilanjana Purkayasstha and Herumb Khot’s Invictus T Mediaworks says that everyone is loving the show. The actress adds that the audience is able to relate to the show well.

“I’ve been unanimously getting a great response from everyone who was contacting me who’s speaking to me about the experience with the show. People are telling me that it’s something that they’ve never seen before on television. It is always so inspiring and motivating. All the characters are so relatable the story is so well written. And the overall execution is great. I haven’t received a single negative comment about the show yet. And I think that’s something considering the fact that we’re doing something new,” she says.

She adds, “People are able to see themselves in the story. I think that is what a true creative wants at the end of the day, that people can see themselves in their work. And that’s the reason why the show is being made; so that we can address common life issues which one talks about. People from all age groups are connected to the show. I think that’s a great achievement.”

Talking about how difficult it is to find opportunities in a place like Mumbai, actress Megha Ray says, “Like I said because it’s the hub of opportunities. There are more people and the competition increases. Although I think, thanks to the internet, the gaps have been reduced amongst people in different places across the world. So, I think one can create an opportunity for themselves, irrespective of where they are. But having said that, sometimes you have to physically be, sometimes you have to physically be present for meetings and so many things like that. It’s important for you to be in Dubai, but otherwise, I think given the internet you can be anything you want to be from anywhere in the world.”

Meanwhile, the actress has been getting a lot of compliments for the show Sapnon Ki Chhalaang as well. “I think, first of all, the most obvious compliment is that people can relate to the show and the second one is that people are telling me that they don’t feel like they’re watching a daily soap. It feels like they’re watching a film. So, I think that’s great, to be able to achieve that quality already,” she says.

Her character, Radhika, is also so motivating, she says, adding, “She’s such an inspirational character to start off with. A girl who is afraid, a girl who does get nervous, a girl who has less confidence in herself when it comes to public speaking, and standing up for herself when people are bullying. But what I love about Radhika is the way she’s learning to stand up for herself and to face her fears. She falls but she makes sure that she faces her failures, yet again, and she makes sure to not leave any stone unturned and succeeds. That’s something I would want to keep learning from her – to never let people define who I am and to face my fears.”

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