Senior Journalist Sudhir Chaudhary Joins Aaj Tak, Read Details Here

SudhirOnAajtak is trending on Twitter

A big update is coming for all the true viewers of Senior Journalist Sudhir Chaudhary.

Since the resignation of the Zee News news channel, there was speculation about journalist Sudhir Chaudhary that he will start his new venture soon but he has not done so and joined the India Today Group channel, Aaj Tak. He is once again trending on Twitter regarding this news. Social media users were seen giving many types of reactions.

After resigning from the post of Editor-in-Chief and CEO of Zee News, Sudhir Chaudhary wrote in a letter that I have taken this decision with a heavy heart while listening to my inner voice. I hope you will be proud of me for the new venture I am about to start.

SudhirOnAajtak is trending on Twitter after this news. With this trend, social media users are congratulating them, while some users are seen asking many types of questions. A user named Anamika comments – You have surprised everyone with this decision, I thought you were going to start something of your own. A user named Anubhav wrote – India is ready to watch your show.

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