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    Top 20 most viewed Haryanvi songs till date.

    Nowadays, the Haryanvi entertainment industry has earned a lot of names and its identity in the country. Haryanvi language is now being used in Bollywood as well. The Haryanvi music industry is growing very fast and shinning in the world.

    There are billions and millions of views on Haryanvi Songs. In this article, we will talk about the most played songs of the Haryanvi music industry. Some of these songs you have heard before and some are new to you. So, Let’s talk about such songs.

    20. Badli Badli Laage

    (Credit: Sonotek Music)

    260M views (Credit: Sonotek Music) By Tarun Panchal and Ruchika Jhangra.

    19. Randa Party

    (Credit: Gulzaar Chhaniwala)

    260M views (Credit: Gulzaar Chhaniwala) By Gulzaar Chhaniwala.

    18. English Medium

    (Credit: Sonotek Music)

    270M views (Credit: Sonotek Music) By Annu Kadyan and Masoom Sharma.

    17. Father Saab

    (Credit: Red Hills Music)

    300M views (Credit: Red Hills Music) By Khaasa Aala Chahar.

    16. Lala Lori

    (Credit : White Hill Dhakkad)

    320M views (Credit: White Hill Dhakkad) By Fazilpuria and Afsana Khan.

    15. Tere Kharche se chori

    (Credit: Mafia Track)

    340M views (Credit: Mafia Track) By Tony Garg and Preeti.

    14. Laad piya ke

    (Credit: Mor Music)

    430M views (Credit: Mor Music) By Raju Punjabi and Sushila Thakar.

    13. Wish

    (Credit: Saga Hits)

    420M views (Credit: Saga Hits) By Diler Kharakiya.

    12. Jug Jug Jeeve

    YT Video Block by Owner (Here Link)

    460M views (Credit : Gulzaar Chhaniwala) By Gulzaar Chhaniwala.

    11. Teri Aakhya ka yo kajal

    (Credit: Sonotek Punjabi)

    470M views (Credit: Sonotek Punjabi) By DC Madana.

    10. Left Right

    (Credit: Mor Haryanvi)

    460M views (Credit :Mor Haryanvi) By Surila

    9. Feelings

    (Credit: Sony Music India)

    510M views (Credit: Sony Music India) By Sumit Goswami.

    8. Meri ri Saas ke 5 putar the

    (Credit: Fine digital Haryanvi )

    Meri ri Saas ke 5 putar the : 560M views (Credit: Fine digital Haryanvi ) By Nikita.

    7. Chatak Matak

    Chatak Matak 510M views (Credit : Vats Records) By Renuka Pawar.

    6. Tagdi

    (Credit: Mor Haryanvi )

    600M views(Credit: Mor Haryanvi ) By Gagan Haryanvi and AK Jatti.

    5. Moto

    (Credit: Dil Music)

    600M views (Credit: Dil Music) By Diler Kharakiya.

    4. Coco Cola

    (Credit: Nav Haryanvi)

    610M views (Credit: Nav Haryanvi) By Ruchika Jhangra.

    and Here is the top 3 Haryanvi Song on Youtube all-time.

    3. Bahu Kaale ki

    (Credit: Mor Haryanvi)

    610M views (Credit: Mor Haryanvi) By Gajender Phogat and AK Jatti.

    2. Sandal

    (Credit: Voice of Heart Music)

    650M views. (Credit: Voice of Heart Music) By Raju Punjabi.

    and last and One of Biggest Hit of Haryanvi Music Industry

    1. 52 Gaj Ka Daman

    (Credit: Desi Records)

    1 Billion views (Credit: Desi Records) By Renuka Pawar.

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    Credit:- Peddler Media Desk Team and Haryanvi Old School


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