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    Top 5 South Indian Web Series

    The landscape of South Indian entertainment has seen a remarkable shift with the advent of streaming platforms like Disney+ Hotstar and Prime Video. While Hindi content has long dominated the digital space, South Indian web series are now carving their niche and captivating audiences across languages.

    Here are the top 5 South Indian web series that are making waves in the digital world

    1. Kerala Crime files

    • Genres: crime, investigation, thriller
    • Available on: Disney+ Hotstar
    • Original language: Malayalam
    • Dubbed languages: Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, Bengali, and Marathi

    2. The Village

    • Genres: Horror, Mystery, Thriller
    • Available on: Prime Video
    • Original language: Tamil
    • Dubbed languages: Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi, Deutsch, Español, French, Italian, Polski, Portuguese, Turkish, and Japanese

    3. Dhootha

    • Genres: Drama, Thriller
    • Available on: prime video
    • Original language: Telugu
    • Dubbed languages: Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi

    4. Master Peace

    • Genres: Comedy, Drama
    • Available on: Disney Plus Hotstar
    • Original Language: Malayalam
    • Dubbed languages: Tamil, Bengali, Kannada, Marathi, Telugu, Hindi

    5. Vadhandhi: The Fable of Velonie

    • Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
    • Available on: Prime Video
    • Original language: Tamil
    • Dubbed languages: Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada

    These web series showcase a diverse range of genres including crime, horror, drama, and comedy, catering to the varied tastes of audiences. With multi-language options, they bridge cultural barriers and appeal to viewers beyond regional boundaries.

    As South Indian content continues to gain momentum in the digital space, these web series are certainly ones to watch out for on your next binge-watching session.


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