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    Total Jaat Bhawan in India: Exploring the Rich Heritage of Jat Dharmshalas

    The Jat community’s legacy lives on through the numerous Jat Dharmshalas across India, providing hospitality and preserving cultural heritage.


    The Jat community in India holds a significant place in the country’s cultural fabric. Known for their valor and resilience, Jats have contributed immensely to various aspects of society. One noteworthy aspect of their rich heritage is the establishment of numerous Jat Dharmshalas (guesthouses) across different regions. In this article, we will take a closer look at the total Jaat Bhawans in India, focusing on Rajasthan and its neighboring states.


    A Haven for Jat Dharmshalas Rajasthan, known for its vibrant culture and majestic forts, boasts a remarkable number of Jat Dharmshalas. These guesthouses serve as sanctuaries for Jats and other travelers, providing comfortable accommodations and fostering a sense of community. Let’s explore some prominent Jat Dharmshalas in Rajasthan:

    • Ajmer: Jat Dharmshala Pushkar, Ajmer, Rajasthan
    • Bharatpur: Jat Dharmshala near the fort, Bharatpur
    • Bikaner: Jat Dharmshala Gajner Road, Bikaner, Rajasthan.
    • Chittorgarh: Jat Dharmshala Yatri Kundia Ghat ke Pas, tehsil & district Chittorgarh, Rajasthan
    • Dungargarh: Tejaji Mandir aur Jat Dharmashala – Station Road Dungargarh, Bikaner, Rajasthan
    • Falaudi: Veer Tejaji Jat Vishramgrih, Falaudi, Jodhpur, Rajasthan
    • Gagrar: Gajraja Jat Dharmshala Gagrar Chittorgarh
    • Ganganagar: Jat Dharmshala Ganganagar, Rajasthan
    • Hanumangarh: Jat Dharmshala Hanumangarh, Rajasthan
    • Harvi: Mahadev Jat Dharmshala, Bhilwara, Rajasthan
    • Jagdishpur: tehsil Rajpur Bhilwara, Rajasthan
    • Kapasan: Shri Sanni Maharaj Jat Dharmshala Kapasan, Chittorgarh, Rajasthan
    • Kolayat: Jat Dharmshala Kolayat, Bikaner, Rajasthan – Built on the initiative of Chaudhary Netram and Ch. Chetramji of Ganganagar, having 500 rooms and is one of the biggest Jat Dharmshalas.
    • Lohargal: Jat Dharmsala Lohargal, Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan
    • Nagaur: Veer Tejaji Dharmshala Kharnal, Nagaur, Rajasthan
    • Nagaur: Shri Baldev Ram Mirdha Dharmshala, Nagaur, Rajasthan
    • Nokha: Veer Tejaji Dharmshala, Nokha, Rajasthan
    • Nokha: Veer Tejaji Jat Vishramgrih, Nokha, Bikaner, Rajasthan
    • Pallu: Jat Dharmshala Pallu, Hanumangarh, Rajasthan
    • Pandoli: Jatla Mata Dharmshala Pandoli tehsil and district Chittorgarh, Rajasthan
    • Rajsamand: Shri Farara Mahadev Dharmshala, Rajsamand, Rajasthan
    • Rashmi: Marmi Mataji Jat Dharmshala tehsil Rashmi Chittorgarh, Rajasthan
    • Tonk: Jat Samaj Dharmshala Diggi – Diggi village, Malpura tahsil, Tonk, Rajasthan
    • Tonk: Jat Dharmshala Khidgi, Tonk, Rajasthan
    • Vigod: Triveni Jat Dharmshala Chittorgarh, Rajasthan

    Uttar Pradesh

    • Mathura: Jat Dharmshala Mathura, Uttar Pradesh
    • Meerut: Jat Dharmshala Meerut, Uttar Pradesh
    • Muzaffar Nagar: Jat Dharmshala Shukratal, Muzaffar Nagar, Uttar Pradesh
    • Vrindavan: Jamuna Mai Jat Dharmshala Vrindavan, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh


    • Haridwar: Jat Dharmshala Haridwar (जाट धर्मशाला हरिद्वार) is under construction in Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India.
    • Hardwar: Jat Dharmshala apar Road nai sota Hardwar – Built by Ch. Khetpal after purchasing palace of Maharaja Bilaspur, Uttarakhand


    • Jat Fauji Dharmshala, Yamuna Bridge Delhi. General Sir John Irvin Murray was so please with Jat Soldiers that he started calling himself a Jat. He designed the Regimental full dress on the pattern of native Jat dress which he is seen wearing in his Portrait in the main hall of Jat Dharmsala constructed in his memory near Jumna Bazar in Delhi-6 from the proceeds of his entire property which he had bequeathed to the Jats. (Ram Sarup Joon: History of the Jats/Chapter XIII,p.224)
    • Jat Dharmshala Pahari Dheeraj, Delhi
    • Jat Dharmshala Narela, Delhi
    • Jat Dharmshala Nangloi Jat, Delhi
    • Jat dharmshala, Sadh Nagar, Maglapuri, Palam New Delhi


    • Hisar: Jat Dharmshala, Hisar, Haryana. Banquet hall, 40 Non-AC rooms with capacity to house 100 people.
    • Kurukshetra: Jat Dharmshala, Kurukshetra, Haryana.
    • Bhiwani: Jat Dharmshala, Bhiwani, Haryana
    • Rohtak: Ch.Chotu Ram Jat Dharmshala, Rohtak, Haryana
    • Bahadurgarh: Ch.Chotu Ram Jat Dharmshala, Rohtak Road, Bahadurgarh, Haryana
    • Jhajjar: Jat Dharmshala, Jhajjar,Haryana
    • Jind: Jat Dharmshala, Jind, Haryana
    • Palwal: Jat Dharamshala Palwal, (Haryana)
    • Karnal: Jat Bhawan, Karnal
    • Hansi: Jat Dharmshala, Hansi, Hissar
    • Gohana: Malik Bhawan, Gohana, Sonipat
    • Sonipat: Jat Dharmshala, Sonipat
    • Safidon: Jat Dharmshala, Safidon, Jind
    • Rohtak: Jat Bhawan, Lohchab Dwar, Rohtak
    • Palwal: जाट धर्मशाला पलवल, रसूलपुर चोक के पास, दिल्ली-आगरा रोड, पलवल हरियाणा

    Madhya Pradesh

    • Amla Majju: Jat Dharmshala Amla Majju, Sehore, Madhya Pradesh
    • Omkareshwar: Jat Dharmshala Omkareshwar, Mandhata, Madhya Pradesh
    • Indore: Jat Dharmshala Pardeshipura, Indore, Madhya Pradesh
    • Ujjain: Baldau Jat Dharmshala, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh
    • Neemach: Jat Dharmshala, Neemach, Madhya Pradesh
    • Nemawar: नेमावर (देवास) में भव्य मंदिर ,धर्मशाला
    • Khargone: Jat Dharmshala, Khargone, Madhya Pradesh
    • Badwani: Jat Dharmshala Badwani, Madhya Pradesh
    • Ujjain: Jat Dharmshala & Hostel Ankpat road, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh


    • Mumbai: Jat Dharmshala, Mumbai, Maharashtra
    • Mumbai: Jat Bhawan, Mumbai, Maharashtra. Flat No. 3, Highway House, Ground Floor, 29 Jawaharlal Nehru Marg, Santacruz (East) Mumbai-400055, Ph. 26129968. Contact person: Ch. Nandroopji, Mob:9323274424


    • Kothara: Jat Dharmshala Kothara Kachchh, Gujarat

    Exploring the Heritage:

    These Jat Dharmshalas not only offer comfortable lodging but also play a vital role in preserving the Jat community’s cultural heritage. They serve as centers for social and cultural gatherings, fostering unity and a sense of belonging among Jats. The architecture and design of these guesthouses often reflect the traditional aesthetics of the region, creating a unique and authentic experience for visitors.

    Preserving the Legacy:

    The existence of these Jat Dharmshalas stands as a testament to the community’s strong bonds and shared values. They not only serve as accommodation facilities but also act as centers for social and cultural gatherings, promoting unity and preserving the Jat heritage.


    The total Jaat Bhawan in India showcases the significant influence of the Jat community and their commitment to fostering a sense of community and providing hospitality. From Rajasthan to neighboring states, these Jat Dharmshalas play a crucial role in preserving the community’s rich heritage and ensuring a warm welcome to fellow Jats and travelers. Whether it’s a pilgrimage or a leisure trip, these Dharmshalas stand as symbols of Jat pride and hospitality, welcoming visitors from all walks of life.


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