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    Celebrating Vishwakarma Puja 2023: Quotes, Wishes, and Blessings

    Vishwakarma Puja, also known as Vishwakarma Jayanti, is a significant festival dedicated to Lord Vishwakarma, the divine creator and God of architecture. This auspicious celebration is observed in several states across India, including Assam, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, and Tripura, among others. Vishwakarma Puja falls on the last day of the Bengali month called Bhadra and is marked by fervent prayers, offerings, and a spirit of creativity and craftsmanship. In 2023, Vishwakarma Jayanti is celebrated on Tuesday, September 17.

    Inspirational Vishwakarma Puja Wishes

    1. “On the occasion of Vishwakarma, I wish you and your business to grow with the choicest blessings of Lord Vishwakarma. Happy Vishwakarma Jayanti!”
    2. “May Lord Vishwakarma fill each and every day of your life with happiness, your home with harmony and your professional life with great success.”
    3. “On the occasion of Vishwakarma Puja, let us seek the blessings of Lord Vishwakarma for a successful life. Warm wishes on Vishwakarma Jayanti.”
    4. “Have a blessed and happy Vishwakarma Puja 2023!”
    5. “On this auspicious day, may you be blessed with skills and creativity. Happy Vishwakarma Puja.”
    6. “May your artistic talents shine brighter than ever. Happy Vishwakarma Puja!”
    7. “On this auspicious day, may your creations be a masterpiece. Happy Vishwakarma Puja!”
    8. “Sada bana rahe tum par Vishwakarma Prabhu ka ashirvad. Vishwakarma Jayanti ki hardik badhaiyan!”
    9. “May Lord Vishwakarma – the creator of tools and machines, and deity of all craftsmen and architects endow upon you his virtue and goodwill. Happy Vishwakarma Jayanti!”
    10. “May Lord Vishwakarma – the deity of all craftsmen and architects endow upon you his virtue and goodwill. Happy Vishwakarma Puja 2023!”

    Happy Vishwakarma Puja Messages 2023

    Vishwakarma Puja
    1. “May you be blessed with success and growth in all your endeavors. A very Happy Vishwakarma Puja to you.”
    2. “Happy Vishwakarma Puja to everyone. With the blessings of the divine architect Lord Vishwakarma, may we lead ourselves on the path of progress and sustainable development in harmony with the environment.”
    3. “On this blessed occasion of Vishwakarma Puja, may you be blessed with skills and creativity. Happy Vishwakarma Jayanti!”
    4. “On this Vishwakarma Jayanti, I pray for you to get success, protection and peace. Happy Vishwakarma Jayanti!”
    5. “May this Lord Vishwakarma Puja bring you everything you desire and dream of. May success accompany you in every step that you take. Happy Vishwakarma Jayanti!”
    6. “Here’s extending my heartfelt greetings and best wishes on the auspicious occasion of Vishwakarma Puja.”
    7. “Vishwakarma Puja ke shubh avsar par, meri or se aap sabhi ko dheron shubh kamnayein.”
    8. “I wish that the auspicious occasion of Vishwakarma Jayanti be the new start of happiness, success, and prosperity in your life. May you have a blessed year ahead. Happy Vishwakarma Jayanti!”
    9. “Wishing a very Happy Vishwakarma Jayanti to everyone… May you are blessed with success in life. Happy Vishwakarma Jayanti to all!”
    10. “Wishing you all a very happy Vishwakarma Puja. May Lord Vishwakarma, the architect of this universe, equip you with all you need to grow and prosper.”

    Top 10 Happy Vishwakarma Puja Quotes 2023

    Happy Vishwakarma Day
    1. “On this Vishwakarma Puja, may the divine craftsman bless you with the tools of success and creativity.”
    2. “Wishing you a day filled with the artistry of life. Happy Vishwakarma Puja!”
    3. “May your skills be as sharp as the tools you use. Happy Vishwakarma Puja!”
    4. “Craftsmanship is the bridge between imagination and reality. Celebrate it on Vishwakarma Puja.”
    5. “Let the spirit of craftsmanship inspire you to reach new heights. Happy Vishwakarma Puja!”
    6. “On this auspicious day, remember that every creation is a masterpiece. Keep creating and innovating.”
    7. “May Lord Vishwakarma’s blessings pave the way for your success and prosperity. Happy Vishwakarma Puja!”
    8. “Craftsmen are the true architects of our world. Happy Vishwakarma Puja to all the creators out there!”
    9. “Celebrate the art of creation with joy and devotion on Vishwakarma Puja.”
    10. “As you honor the divine architect, may your life be a masterpiece in itself. Happy Vishwakarma Puja!”
    Vishwakarma Puja

    Vishwakarma Puja Good Morning Wishes

    1. “Good morning! Happy Vishwakarma Puja to you and your family.”
    2. “Good morning! May Lord Vishwakarma, the divine architect of the universe, bless you with all the success and prosperity you deserve. May your work be fruitful and your creativity be limitless. May you always be inspired to create beautiful things that will make the world a better place.”
    3. “Good morning and Happy Vishwakarma Puja! May Lord Vishwakarma bless you with the wisdom and skills to create amazing things.”
    4. “May your work be fruitful and your creativity be limitless. Good Morning and Happy Vishwakarma Puja!”
    5. “May you always be inspired to create beautiful things that will make the world a better place. Best wishes for the Happy Vishwakarma Puja!”

    Vishwakarma Puja is a time to celebrate creativity, craftsmanship, and the blessings of Lord Vishwakarma. As we observe this auspicious occasion, let us remember the importance of hard work, dedication, and the art of creation in our lives. May Lord Vishwakarma’s blessings be with us all, paving the way for success, prosperity, and a brighter future. Happy Vishwakarma Puja 2023!


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