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    What Is The Truth Behind The Pulwama Attack Incident? Who Was Responsible & What Really Happened, Know The Details

    Who can ever forget the Black Day for India, 14 February 2019, the day where one side people were celebrating Valentine’s day with their love and the other side where someone’s love was fighting for life, for us, for saving the nation. Yes, I am talking about the Pulwama attack that occurred on 14 February 2019 and led to the killing of 40 CRPF Jawans when a Jaish suicide bomber vehicle carrying over 100 Kg of explosives in Pulwama attacked the convoy of vehicles carrying Indian Security Personnels on Jammu-Srinagar National Highway. 

    The attack happened, revenge was taken as Balakot Surgical Strike as said, the families of jawans were given the compensation but do you think that justice was given to those who lost their lives? Can any money or revenge provide justice without knowing the whole truth? Who was responsible behind the attack, were possible actions taken, what the government did, what were the reasons behind such a big incident, what PM Modi was doing, how he reacted, many many more questions were buried at the time of attack and no one was ever able to know the real truth. Here we have collected some pieces of information which can make you think on the above questions and may give you clear answers to them. 

    Recently an interview of Jammu & Kashmir ex-governor Satya Pal Malik with Indian journalist, interviewer, Karan Thapar came out which has taken the whole nation by storm and has forced everyone to think on the statements he has given regarding the happenings of the attack and the allegations he has made. So let’s have a glance at the statements he gave. 

    Speaking about the interview, Malik made allegations which are as followed:-

    • Malik said that there was a demand for 5 aircrafts for the convoy of army personnels which was ignored.
    • There was a security lapse as many terror warnings were received beforehand which were also ignored. 
    • After the incident when PM Modi was in Jim Corbett and he didn’t have a phone or any mobile connection with him, he then called him from a dhaba and told him to shut his mouth. As per Malik, Modi said, “Tum Chup Raho, Ye Koi Aur Chiz Hai”.
    • The National Security Advisor, Ajit Doval also called Malik to shut his mouth on this matter. 
    • The government or PM Modi took advantage of the attack and used it as an agenda for their own political benefits. 

    Malik even said the same thing in an interview with NDTV at the time of attack on which he admitted and said that, “There was no intelligence failure because we had received inputs. But there was surely some kind of negligence. If terrorists could bring such a big vehicle without being checked, it had to be because of failure on our part.”

    Now the question arises why PM Modi asked Malik to shut his mouth and what was the different thing that Modi was speaking about while saying “Ye Koi Aur Chiz Hai” and why the aircrafts were not provided despite knowing about the terror threats. Also according to the Frontline’s investigation, ’11 intelligence warnings of Pulwama attack were ignored between 2 January 2019 and 13 February 2019′. So what were these ignored? And also according to their report, ‘On 13 February 2019 just one day before the attack, there was a reshuffle of J&K police which led to the transfer of Mohammad Zaid, superintendent of Police, Awantipoora who would have played a key role in acting on the inputs.’ 

    Now speaking about PM Modi’s Jim Corbett visit, what was he doing there, when he came to know about the attack? All these questions were just left as secret and no true answers were given to the public, to the nation who was demanding to know about the real scenario. But here we have some activities of PM Modi which left everybody in confusion.

    All the movements of PM Modi were surfacing on the internet and also were printed in the newspapers when he visited Jim Corbett National Park. 

    But there is a difference in between the timings which give rise to a number of questions. 

    • According to Amar Ujala Dehradun Bureau printed report, Modi’s plan was delayed by 4 hours due to bad weather and he arrived at Jim Corbett at 2:00 pm. He had to conduct a rally in Rudrapur which he had to conduct through a phone call and he conducted that at approx 5:10 – 5:15 pm which is also printed in reports by The Wire and The Hindustan Times. This online report of Amar Ujala has vanished from the internet. 
    • According to Amar Ujala’s newspaper report after an all day visit at Jim Corbett, Modi’s convoy went through the Dhangodi gate at approx 6:45 pm which was missing in the online report. 
    • According to a report by Hindustan Times, CM TS Rawat has put PM Modi on speaker and he addressed Rudrapur People on call as Modi was still in Corbett. 
    • According to Satya Pal interview, PM Modi did not have a phone so he went out of the park and called him from a dhaba.   
    • According to a Times Of India report , which printed the Government’s reply as Modi could not have chaired a cabinet committee right after the attack as he was not in Delhi, but in Uttarakhand.  

    Now you can see the differences between the above statements which clearly shows that there is something wrong as if it was said that Modi did not have a phone with him then how he addressed Rudrapur people at 5:15 pm? Did he know about the attack before 5:15, if yes then why he did not talk about it in his speech and if he had time to address Rudrapur people through phone call then why could not have chaired the Cabinet committee through video conferencing. And if he did not know about the attack before 5:15 then how is it possible that no one informed about the attack when the whole nation knew about what was going on. 

    Also taking you to a report by NDTV which mentioned PM modi’s movement with total opposite timings compared to the ones which were aired during his visit. The report said that the Government has denied the charges as the Congress alleged  that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was shooting a promotional film (Man Vs Wild) at the Jim Corbett National Park at a time when the country was mourning the Pulwama terror attack and said that there was a 25-minute delay in informing him because of bad weather and poor network coverage.

    According to Government sources,

    • The Prime Minister reached Dehradun at 7 am but got stuck there due to bad weather.
    • He reached Jim Corbett Park around 11.15 am. 
    • PM Modi was supposed to address a public rally at Rudrapur that afternoon, but cancelled it after news of the terror attack. 

    Listening to the interview, all these allegations that are made in the interview by Satya Pal Malik, the opposition parties are demanding truth and on the other hand the Union Home Minister Amit Shah has reacted to the claims made by Malik and has asked him why he did not speak when he was the governor of J&K at the time of Pulwama attack. 

    Amit Shah said that Malik had worked in the Bharatiya Janata Party for a long time and was also a former party vice president. Then “why these things come to mind after leaving us” said Amit Shah referring to the allegations. 

    While for the unversed, Malik on Friday said that he has been called by the CBI for giving clarification regarding the alleged insurance scam in Jammu and Kashmir. On this he said, “The CBI has asked me to come to their Delhi office to give clarification regarding the alleged insurance scam in J-K on April 27 or 28,” he said when asked about the alleged insurance scam involving Reliance General Insurance.

    Now after linking all these statements with one another, you also must have been forced to think about the truth. And the truth can only come forward when a proper investigation is done in the right way with no hiding of facts. Everyone must be investigated, questioned as the nation has the right on top of that the families of jawans who suffered their death have the right to know the real truth.

    Satya Pal Malik Interview With Karan Thapar: 

    Credits: The Wire

    Satya Pal Malik With Ravish Kumar


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