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    Who is the No. 1 Singer in Haryana?

    Haryana’s music scene is buzzing with talent, and Spotify reflects this vibrancy. Let’s dive into the top 10 Haryanvi singers on Spotify to see who’s making waves.

    Top 10 Haryanvi Singers on Spotify:

    1. Khasa Aala Chahar (2.4M Monthly Listeners):

    Khasa Aala Chahar leads the pack with 2.4 million monthly listeners. His unique style and captivating storytelling set him apart.

    2. Masoom Sharma (2.2M Monthly Listeners):

    With 2.2 million monthly listeners, Masoom Sharma is a favorite among fans. His fusion of traditional and modern music is a hit.

    3. Dhanda Nyoliwala (1.9M Monthly Listeners):

    Dhanda Nyoliwala brings high energy to his music, attracting 1.9 million monthly listeners. His catchy beats keep audiences hooked.

    4. KD Desirock (1.8M Monthly Listeners):

    KD Desirock’s edgy lyrics and electrifying tracks have earned him 1.8 million monthly listeners. He’s known for blending rap with Haryanvi folk music.

    5. Sumit Goswami (1.6M Monthly Listeners):

    Sumit Goswami’s soulful voice and meaningful lyrics resonate with his 1.6 million monthly listeners. His songs touch hearts.

    6. Amanraj Gill (1.5M Monthly Listeners):

    Amanraj Gill’s melodious tunes have garnered him 1.5 million monthly listeners. He’s praised for modernizing Haryanvi folk music.

    7. Ndee Kundu (1.5M Monthly Listeners):

    Ndee Kundu’s dynamic performances attract 1.5 million monthly listeners. His fusion of traditional and modern beats is a hit.

    8. Bintu Pabra (1.3M Monthly Listeners):

    Bintu Pabra’s heartfelt lyrics and soulful renditions have won him 1.3 million monthly listeners. He connects deeply with audiences.

    9. Billa Sonipat Ala (1.3M Monthly Listeners):

    Billa Sonipat Ala’s catchy tunes and energetic performances draw 1.3 million monthly listeners. He’s a rising star in the Haryanvi music scene.

    10. Diler Kharkiya (923.3K Monthly Listeners):

    Diler Kharkiya’s powerful vocals have earned him a loyal following of 923.3K monthly listeners. His stage presence leaves a lasting impression.

    These top 10 Haryanvi singers on Spotify showcase the region’s rich musical diversity. With their talent and creativity, they continue to shine bright and entertain audiences worldwide.


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