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    Yamraaj Jaat Gel Jaatni Launches Instagram Reel Contest: Best Reel to Feature in Official Video

    Yamraaj Jaat Gel Jaatni: Renowned Haryanvi singer Yamraaj has dropped his latest single, “Jaat Ki Jaatni,” and it’s already making waves on social media. The audio for the song is now out and available for streaming.

    Fans are captivated, and the song is trending on Instagram reels, where users are showcasing their creativity through dance, lip-sync, and various other engaging formats.

    Yamraaj Jaat Gel Jaatni Audio Release and Immediate Impact

    The release of “Jaat Ki Jaatni” has been eagerly awaited by Yamraaj’s fans. The audio, with its catchy lyrics and energetic beats, perfectly encapsulates the vibrant Haryanvi culture. Since its release, the song has become a favourite among users, quickly gaining traction on Instagram.

    Instagram Promotion by BH Reel

    The promotion of “Jaat Ki Jaatni” on Instagram is being actively managed by BH Reel. Leveraging short video marketing, BH Reel has significantly boosted the song’s reach. Instagram users are participating enthusiastically, creating a variety of reels that highlight their creative interpretations of the song.

    Yamraaj Jaat Gel Jaatni
    Yamraaj Jaat Gel Jaatni Instagram Reel competition

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    Reel Competition: A Chance to Shine

    A notable highlight of this campaign is the reel competition running until June 5th. BH Reel is offering a unique opportunity for fans to feature in the official music video of “Jaat Ki Jaatni.” The creator of the best Instagram reel will get a chance to be a part of the official video, adding an exciting incentive for fans to participate.

    Chetan Redhu: The Mastermind Behind the Project

    cheta redhu founder and owner BH Reel
    Chetan Redhu founder and owner of BH Reel

    The project is helmed by Chetan Redhu, ensuring top-notch production and promotional efforts. With his expertise, the song has received excellent production values and a strategic promotional campaign that maximizes its impact.

    Yamraaj’s Continued Success

    Yamraaj, known for his unique voice and powerful performances, continues to charm his audience with “Jaat Ki Jaatni.” This latest track adds to his repertoire of hits, further solidifying his place in the Haryanvi music industry.

    If you haven’t heard “Jaat Ki Jaatni” yet, head over to Instagram and check out the countless reels featuring the song. Don’t miss your chance to participate in the competition for a spot in the official music video. Stay tuned for more updates on Haryanvi Entertainment and Yamraaj’s upcoming projects right here on Peddler Media.


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