Airtel 5G Plus has started in India

Know How You Can Take Advantage Of Airtel 5G Plus In These Eight Cities

Airtel 5G Plus has started in India last Thursday and Airtel is all set to provide 5G speed service in the country. In the initial phase, customers in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Siliguri, Nagpur, and Varanasi will be able to take advantage of Airtel 5G Plus.

Existing Airtel customers with 5 G-enabled smartphones in eight cities will now be able to experience Airtel 5G Plus on existing data plans at no extra charge and the rest of Urban India is expected to get this service by the end of 2023.

Know what are the benefits of Airtel 5G Plus?

5G network will see a revolution in the field of technology, with the fast internet speed of 5G, you can easily do all the work while saving time. Like- from office work to online live streaming, gaming, high-speed downloading, etc.

Airtel at the forefront of 5G innovation

Airtel is the first to be able to bring 5G to India because Airtel has been at the forefront of 5G innovation in the past years. It has succeeded in testing Airtel 5G in many parts of the country. From the point of view of 5G innovation, Airtel successfully carried out these tasks in the country.

  • India’s first live 5G network successfully tested in Hyderabad
  • Operated India’s first 5 G-connected ambulances in partnership with Apollo Hospitals.
  • Airtel first partnered with Bosch to launch India’s first private 5G network working towards increasing manufacturing productivity.

Are you ready to experience Airtel 5G Plus service?

If you are also ready to experience the great speed of Airtel 5G Plus, then let us tell you that for all the customers who live in these eight cities, if their smartphones are 5G ready, then their existing ones enable the 5G network. Can use a 4G sim. You can get information about whether the service of Airtel 5G Plus is restored in your city or state and whether you have 5G on your smartphone or not, through the Airtel Thanks App. There is no limit to the latest experiences for customers with Airtel 5G Plus.

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