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    Know about the cast, release date, producer, and director of the Haryanvi movie Dada Lakhmichand

    Film Dada Lakhmi is based on the musical journey of Pandit Lakhmichand. Which has recently been awarded as the best Haryanvi film by the Hon’ble President with the “National Film Award”. The typical Haryanvi dialect and ancient music of Pandit Lakhmichand have been given importance in the film Haryanvi. Those who have not seen Dada Lakhmi will be able to understand his character through this film. This film is the result of 6 years of hard work by around 300 people.

    Who is Dada Lakhmichand?

    Pandit Lakhmichand was a folk artist of Haryana from the district Sonipat village Jati. He never went to school. But he was one of the wisest men of Haryana. He was famous as Shakespeare of Haryana, Kabirdas, prophetic speaker, Song Emperor, and Surya Kavi. He was born in 1903 and died in 1945. At a young age, he became so famous that people used to come from 50-50 miles on bullock carts to listen to his melody and watch his songs.

    Film Shooting Location

    The film’s producer and actor Yashpal Sharma told that this film was made after five years of hard work. In this film, to know and understand the life of Dada Lakhmi contacted elderly people in every nook and corner of Haryana and gathered information from them. The film was shot in Jati Kalan village of Pandit Lakhmichand’s Sonepat district. Apart from Haryana, the shooting took place in other districts and also in Rajasthan.

    Start Cast and Release Date of Haryanvi movie Dada Lakhmichand

    Release Date:- 08/11/2022

    Title:- Lakh Chaurasi

    Directed By:- Yashpal Sharma

    Produced By:- Ravindra Singh Rajawat, Yashpal Sharma

    Music Director:- Uttam Singh

    Singer:- Shyam Sharma, Prem Dehati, Yashpal Sharma

    Lyrics:- late. pt. Lakhmi Chand / Deviram Costume

    Designer:- Mala Dey

    Camera:- Supritam Bhol

    Exet. Producer:- Rampal Balhara

    Art:- Jayant Deshmukh

    Editor:- Aseem Sinha

    GFX:- Arvind Yadav

    Production:- Vinod Yogi

    Recorded By:- Surendra Rajawat, Ashvin yogi

    Haryanvi Movie Dada Lakhmichand Full Team and Crew

    Yashpal Sharma, Meghna Malik, Rajendra Gupta, Sumitra Hooda, Raju Mann, Ravi Chauhan, Hitesh Sharma, Yogesh Vats, Mukesh Musafir, Satish Kashyap, Yogesh Bhardwaj, Sonam Stobgais, Tanishk Chaudhary, Harshit Rajawat, Meena Malik, Girija Shankar, Yogesh Modi, Pratibha Sharma, Sundesha, Alpana Suhasini, Rajendra Bhatia, Naveen Kumar, Ravi Jhanghu, Rampal Balhara, Rama Balhara, Ankit Bhardwaj, Amit Pahal, Rohit Bachi, Sahil Bajwa, Vikram Malik, Gopal Shankar, Jagat Pardesi, Alpana Sharma Renu, Salim Haryanvi, Naresh Vats, Naresh Verma, Sneha Verma, Akansha Bhardwaj, Sanya Sharma, Pavitra, Tanvi, Khushal Yadav, Geeta Yadav, Ashima Shantanu Sharma, Gyanvi Sharma, Indra Lamba, Subhash Fauji, Masoom Sharma, Sid Sadanand, Vishnu Kaushik, Chetan Sharma, Deepak Kaushik, Phool Singh Numberdar, Sahil Sain

    Haryanvi movie Dada Lakhmichand Official Trailor

    The film depicts the struggle before Suryakavi Pandit Lakhmichand became great, in fact, if the ocean is spoken in Gagar, then the film’s squeeze gets absorbed in these two lines. ,

    Let’s go to that country where there is music, there is no hatred, there is a brotherhood


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