Amazed by his sense of balance Anand Mahindra shares video of ‘human Segway’- Watch

The incredible video posted by Anand Mahindra shows a man riding a bicycle but not in an ordinary way.

Indian industrialist and business tycoon Anand Mahindra is not only known for his entrepreneur skills but also for his social media post through which he showcases the hidden gems of our incredible country, India. This time also, Mahindra has grabbed the attention of internet surfers with an amazing clip of whom he called ‘Human Segway’.

In the clip posted by Anand Mahindra, a man is seen riding ride a bicycle. You may ask what is so special about riding a bicycle. The answer is, the man is not riding the bicycle in an ordinary way but he is balancing his ride while carrying a sack full of some material on his head. Man is using his both hand to carry that sack and not handling the bicycle.

Sharing the post on Twitter, Mahindra wrote, “This man is a human Segway, with a built in gyroscope in his body! Incredible sense of balance. What pains me, however, is that there are so many like him in our country who could be talented gymnasts/sportspersons but simply don’t get spotted or trained…”

The incredible video has been seen nearly 7. 49 lakh times and has garnered over 39k likes. People across the country are amazed by the man’s talent and say the country is full of such hidden gems.

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