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    Rubaru Fashion Runway: Where you get inspiration to make your country proud in the field of art.

    Lately, I wonder whether we are expressing ourselves through trend reporting through a massive psychosis. If a year ago felt like anything was going to happen — that the restrictions and trauma of the pandemic have exposed fashion and self-expression as a new outlet for freedom — it seems like a once-in-a-while. There are thousands of trends happening.

    Just over the past month, I’ve read stories about a new twist in the fashion festival trend called “Fashion Runway”, a trend in which not only fashion but artists really enjoy their art and a trend in which dancers, Singers, Musicians, Athletes, Actors, Models come together to form a platform where you get inspiration to make your country proud in the field of art.

    Even runway fashion, which is supposed to move at a slower, biannual speed, has joined this rat race, as designers pack their shows with potential viral moments and styles that are replicable by anyone with a little ingenuity and a pair of scissors. The tempo of fashion makes everything feel quick, carefree, and, sometimes, unfortunately, even careless. Mostly it seems that people are doing things humans have done for most of the past century—relaxing, working hard, having martinis, not having martinis—but now we cannot resist the urge to package them into something that feels more meaningful than mere consumer choices.

    Prashant Bhardwaj, the youth founder behind the brand Yourays India, is a man who has started many trends himself (real trends, that is). When he began his brand almost a decade ago, it was a non-profit Organisation, which often free education and commercial platforms (Dancer, Singer, Musicians, Athletes, Actors, Models) to underprivileged & privileged children who have the potential to make our nation proud।

    Yourways India and Prashant Bhardwaj are going to start their Rubaru Fashion Runway Week on 24th April 2022.

    Yourways India are trying to help and support the local artist to be developed their skills and proud citizen of India. Not only is the government response to citizens this is our duty to give them their rights without creating differences of caste, color and economic situation.

    Rubaru Fashion Runway Team is requesting you and giving you this great opportunity to be a part of this Noble cause now, as they were going to Organize an event ” YOUR WAYS FASHION RUNWAY” at Delhi NCR with 100+ Models, 10+ Fashion Designer, 5+ Accessories Designer, 10+ Dance Academies and 10+ Singer which has name & Fame in Haryanvi Industry.

    Yourways India was going to start their Rubaru Fashion Runway on 24th April 2022. They have also invited some actors, models or singers as a guest. Like Sanju Khewariya, the artist & Producer of the Haryanvi Music Industry will appear as a Celebrity guests

    A special performance will be given by Manisha Sharma & D Naveen, artists & Singer of Haryanvi Music Industry, Kanika Bhardwaj is the Actor in Haryanvi Music Industry, will appear as a celebrity guest. A special guest will also come her name was Himanshi Chaudhary, she was an actor & model of Tarz Production.

    If you are going to this event then you will get this model benefits & designers’ benefits:

    Designers Benefits

    • Designer Walk
    • Makeup & Hairstyling
    • Grooming & Technical Choreographer
    • Professional Ramp Walk Pictures & Video
    • Choreography would be set for all shows
    • Award & Certificates
    • Hotel stay & Food
    • Portfolio for all models
    • Get a chance to be a Brand Ambassador of Yourways India (Fashion Projects)
    • Get a chance to work in cover songs, short films, web series etc.

    Registration fees for models are: 1000/-INR. (Registration Link)

    Designers Benefits

    • A designer can present 20-20 Dresses
    • Makeup & Hair styling
    • Dressers/Helper will be provided by our side
    • Music to be mixed by our production
    • Choreography would be set for all shows
    • Award & Certificates
    • Hotel stay & food for 1 day of 2 person
    • Photos & video for all dresses
    • Marketing & Promotion at 200+ media channels & media bite on electronic media (T&C)
    • Backstage elements will be provided by us.

    Registration fees for Designers are: 5000/-INR (Registration Link)

    We talked about how opting out of trendiness can be great – it depends on how many people influencers you follow on YOURWAYS FASHION RUNWAY.

    For more information regarding their event then you can also contact Yourways team (8178244434) Phone No. also provided in the poster. This is a very good chance to earn your name so you go and participate in this beautiful event.


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