Haryana’s famous dancer Anu Kadyan cried bitterly, narrated her pain to the people

Haryanvi singer and dancer Anu Kadyan shared her pain on social media today. During the video, tears were coming out of Anu Kadyan’s eyes.

Film City was produced by Anu Kadyan in village Rohat. On which the yellow paw of the administration went on Thursday and the Haryanvi Film City (Film City in Sonipat) was destroyed. The construction of this film city was just completed. Till now the Muhurta of Film City was not even done. Even before this, the administration destroyed it.

Regarding this, Anu Kadyan came live on social media today and told the whole incident. Anu Kadyan said that he had made this film city after working hard for two years. Crores of rupees were spent in the construction of this film city and my film city was demolished even before it had not even started.

Anu Kadyan said that no notice was given to her by the administration earlier. Nor was there a chance to take out the goods. I was present in Film City on Thursday. The administration team reached the spot at 11 am and a heavy police force also came along.

When I asked him why you are breaking, he did not listen to me. I also requested ATP officer (ATP) Anju Jun but she said that there are orders from DC sahib. When I tried to talk to the DC sahib, he also snatched my mobile.

I took someone else’s phone and called the DC and told him the whole incident. The DC said that he has not given any such orders. During this I called many people but no one supported me. When Film City was breaking down, my BP became low and I fainted. By the time I regained consciousness, the entire Haryanvi Film City was demolished.

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Yellow Claw was run on Anu Kadyan’s Film City.

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