Dev Kumar Deva and Anjali Raghav Are just co-workers or more?

Dev Kumar Deva is a Haryanvi singer, actor, and YouTuber. He has contributed a lot to the Haryanvi Music Industry as well as Punjab Music Industry. One of his hit songs is Saali Aja Atariya. This song became very famous at that time. Today when we see the views on its official video, it is crossing 77 million views. What a song! It was released under the label Saga Music Haryanvi and the official video was directed by Sandeep Kumar. Anjali Raghav was featured as the female lead in the music video. 

He was born in Rohtak Haryana. Since he started singing, he gradually has worked with many music labels. T-Series Apna Punjab, Sonotek Haryanvi, Saga Music Haryanvi are some of them directly taken down from the list. 

He has approximately 200k followers on Facebook and 22.8 K followers on Instagram. His fan gang is increasing in size and number day by day. More of the youngster is showing interest in his songs and follow him. If you have not checked out his work you should check it up on youtube and Instagram. Don’t forget to support your artist by following him.

He has kept on surprising his audience and fan with ultimate songs. Even amidst the lockdown, In the year 2021, he released his song Killer Queen in the love month of the year, February. This song was released under the music label T-Series Apna Punjab.

On 19 October 2020, he released a song as an add-on to the Haryanvi Music Industry. The title of the track is ‘ROLA’, starring Anjali Raghav’ in the official music video. Seems like Anjali and Dev sir have worked together for a very long time. Their duet is seen in many of Dev Kumar’s songs. That’s interesting. Are they just co-workers or more? Stay Tuned to know more.

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