In their eagerness to jump onto the advertisement bandwagon and to increase sales, a lot of companies put up a good ad on a mediocre website and don’t realize the damage it may cause to their image. Every visitor to that mediocre website will form an image of your company based on the appearance of that site. Increasing your traffic, generating sales & strategic positioning your ads is serious stuff and so it’s important you choose the best website to handle it, the site with the perfect blend of creativity & technology that works for the benefit of your company and gives you an excellent value for each cent spent by you. Remember that a good ad at a low price on a mediocre website is worse than not publicising your site at all. Remember that your compromise on money can turn your company’s image of a tiger into a cat.

Why Advertise on ?

Because is one of the top Haryana Entertainment News portal in India, USA, Canada and Australia with more than 1/2 million monthly page views and more than 2 Lakh visitors every month. Also, is the title of Haryana’s first entertainment web portal.

How does advertising on help me ?

We strongly believe that is the place to advertise your products and services if your customers fall into the above demographics. We offer excellent value to advertisers by combining an incredible amount of site traffic with surprisingly low rates. Where else can you reach a global audience for your products and services at a very reasonable cost?

You will benefit if you would like to do one or all of the following

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  •    Enlist global audience for a fixed cost

And yes, there’s another thing. We don’t charge an arm and a leg. After all, what good is a solution if it lands you in another problem – of the budgetary kind?

How Do I Go About Advertising on ?

How much does it cost to take advantage of the incredible opportunity that sponsoring presents? Not as much as one would think. All banners are positioned throughout the site in dedicated positions. That means your advertisement will always be in front of the users of the site. We do not believe in cluttering our site with unnecessary ads thereby reducing the value of the amount spent by our sponsor.

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