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    From Roots to Wings: Digital Roots’ 3-Year Milestone in Elevating Haryanvi Artists

    Digital Roots completes three remarkable years of supporting Haryanvi artists and promoting their unique talents, we extend our warmest wishes and heartfelt congratulations to the entire team on this momentous occasion!

    At Peddler Media, we have had the privilege of witnessing Digital Roots’ incredible journey, from their humble beginnings to becoming a creative powerhouse in the Haryanvi music industry. We applaud their unwavering commitment to nurturing local talent, empowering artists, and bringing Haryanvi music to a global audience through their cutting-edge digital promotion strategies.

    Digital Roots’ Founder, Dikshant Hallu, has shown remarkable leadership and a genuine passion for music, which has been evident in the impressive results achieved by the company. Their collaborations with well-respected Haryanvi artists and their work with Bollywood have truly set them apart as trailblazers in the industry.

    We join the entire music community in celebrating their successes, from producing chart-topping music to crossing milestones like Amit Saini Rohtakiya‘s “Laadu Laadu Kehke,” which garnered over 102 million views on YouTube. Digital Roots’ impact extends far beyond mere promotion; they have become instrumental in helping artists gain recognition and achieve their dreams.

    As Peddler Media, we are proud to have played a part in sharing their journey with the world through our platform. We look forward to witnessing the exciting endeavors that lie ahead and the innovative ideas that will continue to impress audiences worldwide.

    Digital Roots was founded with a mission to bridge the gap between Haryanvi artists and their audience while providing them with a platform to showcase their unique talents. Over the course of three years, the company has played a significant role in revolutionizing the Haryanvi music scene and creating a strong community of artists, producers, and fans.

    Key Highlights of Digital Roots’ Journey:

    1. Unearthing Hidden Talent: Digital Roots has been relentless in its pursuit of discovering hidden gems in the Haryanvi music industry. The company’s dedicated team of talent scouts tirelessly searches for new artists across the state, providing them with an opportunity to shine on the big stage.
    2. Professional Artist Management: Recognizing that artists need more than just creativity to succeed, Digital Roots offers comprehensive artist management services. From contract negotiations to career guidance, the company ensures that the artists can focus solely on their music.
    3. Strategic Digital Promotion: In the digital age, an artist’s online presence is crucial for success. Digital Roots leverages cutting-edge digital marketing strategies to promote their artists effectively. Through social media campaigns, content creation, and collaborations, the company ensures that Haryanvi music reaches a global audience.
    4. Creating Hit Music: Digital Roots has a proven track record of producing chart-topping music. The company collaborates with top-notch producers, songwriters, and composers to create irresistible tracks that resonate with listeners.

    Looking Ahead

    As Digital Roots marks its three-year milestone, the company shows no signs of slowing down. With ambitious plans to expand its roster of artists, collaborate with international talent, and further enhance its digital marketing prowess, the future of Haryanvi music looks brighter than ever.

    A Vision for the Future:

    As Digital Roots completes its three-year journey, the company is gearing up for an even brighter future. Founder Dikshant Hallu envisions expanding their reach beyond Haryana and becoming a prominent player in the wider Indian music industry. They plan to venture into different regional markets while continuing to support Haryanvi artists and showcasing the region’s rich musical heritage.

    Digital Roots Founder Dikshant with Haryanvi Artists Left to Right Ndee Kundu, Dikshant, KD Desi Rock, and Raju Punjabi

    Social Impact Initiatives:

    Digital Roots is not just focused on commercial success; they also actively engage in social impact initiatives. Recognizing the power of music to drive positive change, the company supports causes close to its heart and aims to use music as a medium to raise awareness and inspire social transformation.

    Recognition and Awards:

    The exceptional work done by Digital Roots hasn’t gone unnoticed. They have received recognition from various industry accolades and have been nominated for prestigious music awards. Their commitment to pushing the boundaries of digital promotion has earned them a reputation as trailblazers in the music marketing landscape.

    Gratitude to Supporters:

    As Digital Roots celebrates its third anniversary, the company extends heartfelt gratitude to all the artists, clients, partners, and friends who have been a part of their journey. Their collaborative efforts and unwavering support have been instrumental in making Digital Roots the success it is today.

    A Message from the Founder:

    Dikshant Hallu, the visionary behind Digital Roots, expresses his gratitude and shares his excitement for the future. He says, “These three years have been an incredible ride. I am proud of our team’s relentless efforts and the talent of the artists we have had the pleasure of working with. We are dedicated to continuing our mission of promoting Haryanvi music and exploring new avenues to uplift the industry. Stay tuned for some exciting announcements in the near future!”

    As Digital Roots embarks on the next chapter of their journey, they remain committed to championing Haryanvi artists and revolutionizing the way music is discovered and appreciated. Their passion for music and innovative approach to digital promotion is sure to leave an indelible mark on the music industry for years to come.

    About Digital Roots:

    Digital Roots is a Haryanvi artist management and digital promotion company based in Chandigarh. Founded by Dikshant Hallu, the company is driven by a passion for promoting Haryanvi music and empowering local talent through innovative digital marketing strategies.

    A Special Note from Peddler Media:

    Peddler Media congratulates Digital Roots on completing three successful years of supporting and promoting Haryanvi artists. As a creative hub in the music industry, Digital Roots’ innovative ideas and strategic digital promotion have garnered global recognition. Their dedication to empowering artists and showcasing the vibrant Haryanvi culture has made a significant impact. We look forward to witnessing their continued success and the exciting developments they have in store. Congratulations, Digital Roots, on this special occasion!


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