Diler singh Kharakiya mentions on his instagram surprise for all of his fans, to know more read the article below.

Diler is a Haryanvi singer cum actor who made his first television with Border.

Diler Singh has been popular among the audience for a very long time. He will be soon hitting 1 million followers on Instagram. A few hours ago he uploaded a very ravishing picture. According, to the sources the picture was taken in a hotel in Shimla in Himachal Pradesh. He was seen vibing in the beautiful mountains.

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He was wearing a branded tracksuit in black and orange tracksuit with a pump cap. The picture was taken in a golden hour. Diler was wearing classy sunglasses. Through his caption, he revealed a surprise for his fans which he will announce very soon. Everyone is very excited about the surprise. It will be out very soon till then keep guessing and thinking about the surprise.

To know the surprise stay tuned to Peddler Media.

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