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    Parineeti Chopra Exposes Dark Side of Bollywood Casting, Takes a Dig at PR Tactics

    In a recent interview with Bollywood Hungama, Parineeti Chopra, known for her candid demeanour, shed light on the inner workings of Bollywood casting and her struggles within the industry.

    The actress, who has garnered praise for her performance in Imtiaz Ali’s Amar Singh Chamkila, alongside Diljit Dosanjh, revealed the challenges she faces due to her approach to networking and PR.

    Addressing her limited filmography despite being a part of Bollywood since 2011, Chopra candidly admitted, “I have a very problem that is that my PR game sucks. I am very bad at PR, I am very bad at being in the right places, at the right lunches and dinners where these work opportunities are created, projects are created at these events and I am not at those events.”

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    Chopra’s remarks highlight a prevalent issue in the industry where networking often plays a significant role in securing roles and projects. She further emphasized her commitment to genuine connections and merit-based opportunities, stating, “I am very bad at creating relationships which are unnecessary or trying to go that extra mile, sucking up to somebody who I don’t connect to, I am very bad at all this.”

    The actress also took a subtle jab at the trend of celebrities resorting to constant paparazzi attention to maintain relevance, asserting her preference for directors and producers to approach her directly for quality work.

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    Parineeti Chopra’s candid revelations come at a time when several Bollywood personalities are opening up about the industry’s darker aspects, including casting biases, pay disparities, and the prevalence of nepotism.

    In addition to her professional endeavours, Chopra recently made headlines with her milestone, tying the knot with politician Raghav Chadha. The actress continues to challenge industry norms and advocate for transparency in Bollywood.

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    As fans eagerly anticipate Chopra’s future projects, her honest approach to navigating the complexities of the entertainment industry sets her apart as a refreshing voice amidst the glamour and politics of Bollywood.

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