Diler Singh Kharkiya is an artist that is mainly confined to the Haryanvi Music Industry

Instagram is a social media platform where people create content, post about how they feel live, what they might be planning, their basic interests, and so on and so forth. The main motive of the Artists is to fetch them an audience and response to their content and work. That’s what we all normally do. Similarly, it is a great platform for all the artists in various industries.

Diler Singh Kharkiya is an artist that is mainly confined to the Haryanvi Music Industry. He is a singer and is also featured in his music videos with other leads. He has worked with many big artists like Aman Jaji, Ginny Kapoor, and more. He has also worked under many big music labels like SagaHits, Dil Music and Bamb Beats Haryanvi.

He is a very active user of Instagram. He has more than 714K followers, close to a million! Recently he posted a picture of him amidst nature. He captions it as “To the nature, we belong. To appreciate the nature is an art”. All nature lovers have a habit of capturing the most beautiful scenes around them. He seems to be one of them. He is a person who decides to do something in life and never looks back until he is done, according to us.

You’ll see most of his songs are viewed in millions. Some of his famous and audience’s favorite releases that should not be missed by you are Moto with 575 million views. Next up is Wish, with 391 million. There are many more, just check out youtube for amazing music in his voice. Listen to him and you’ll agree with us, that he a very talented soul.

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