Bhen Ki Tait – New Original by Kabra is out now on Youtube and everywhere.

A few days before we all got excited to hear about Kabira’s new song ‘Bhen ki tait’. Well, at that time it was just the teaser and now the official song has finally premiered on youtube. 

Kabira’s new original was released a few hours ago on May 29, 2021. He released his song on his own youtube channel by the name ‘Kabira’. On average, he got around 1000 views per hour. Which is marvellous! In a course of 6 hours since the release, the video has reached almost 5 thousand plus views. 

Make it the next hit and trending song on YouTube for the next week!

He is the lone wolf of the Haryanvi Music Industry. He is the composer and singer of this new song. But this time, the lyrics are penned down by Nj Nindaniya. Even ‘Bhen ki tait’ is one such song composed solely by him. On the other hand, publicity designs are handled by, you guess this time. Yes, it’s Sumit Bamal.

Kabira is a growing and determined artist in the Haryanvi music industry. Who requires the support and love from people who are crazy over Haryanvi music. Any talent needs an audience for appreciation and great growth. So, do not forget to like and share his music videos and also follow him on Instagram.

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