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    Do you know 7 artists who do not belong to Haryana but rule the Haryanvi Industry?

    India is a country where people speak different types of languages and one of them is Haryana. It is not easy to go from one state to another state and search for work because it was difficult to get evolve in that surroundings.

    Here is the list of people who are not from Haryana but who are rocking in the Haryanvi industry.

    1. Renuka Panwar: She was a female singer of the Haryanvi Music Industry who get so much love from the public. She had sung very hits songs in Haryanvi industry such as 52 Gaj Ka Daman, Chamak Challo, Kala Daman, Chatak Matak etc. Renuka Panwar was from UP but she had adjusted her the Haryanvi industry so well.

    2. Raju Punjabi: He had given so many DJ hit songs in Haryanvi Music Industry. He was from Rajasthan. Raju Punjabi had also sung many amazing songs like Sweety, Teri Fan, Black Ghagro, Mithi Boli etc. He got so much love from his fans and the public. Also, he was a lyricist associated with the Haryanvi music industry.

    3. Anjali Raghav: Anjali Raghav was the most talented model of the Haryanvi Music industry. There was a time when the Haryanvi songs get hit because of her. She was also born in Delhi but her family stays in UP. She has struggled a lot to get a better lifestyle.

    4. Uttar Kumar: Uttar Kumar was very famous as a model & actor in Haryana. He work as a modeller in many Haryanvi songs and the songs got very much love from audiences. Also, he was from a UP and he has also worked very hard in his life.

    5. Ruchika Jangid: Along with Renuka Panwar she was also a famous singer in the Haryanvi music industry. She was also from UP. She had also sung many hits songs which get many likes and views from the audience.

    6. Ashutosh Rana: Ashutosh Rana had also given his 100% to the Haryana film industry and done as many films. He was also from MP. Not only in Haryana but he had also worked in Bollywood films with many famous actors.

    7. Gulzaar Chhaniwala: Because of his title many people thought that he was from Rajasthan but he was from Haryana only. His family used to stay in Chhani. Like other singers, he had also sung many hit songs like Jug Jug Jeeve, Welcome, Filter shot etc.

    It was very difficult to find work after coming from one state to another. But these singers, actors and models have proved it wrong. They all have worked hard to make their name and to get love from the audience.

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