Friendship turned into love by playing online Ludo

Many tales of friendship, love and romance are heard on social media and gaming apps. Most of these relationships break in the middle. But, the love flourished after the friendship of a young man living in a slum in Veer Nagar, Sanaili Road, Panipat city with a girl from Odisha on the Ludo gaming app.

After taking the consent of the family members, the boy agreed to get married along with the customs. The girl fled from Odisha to Panipat. On Monday, both of them were getting married, so the team got secret information that the girl’s age is not suitable for marriage.

The Protection Officer along with his team reached the spot and stopped the child marriage. The document of the boy’s age is shown in the Aadhar card, according to which the boy’s age is 20 years 8 months. At present, the marriage has been put on hold by taking the statements of the family members.

There was no one from the girl’s side in the marriage: The officer said that the boy’s family lives in a slum located in Sanaili Road. He has 4 more brothers, younger than the boy. The marriage was taking place at the boy’s house on Monday. No one was involved in the marriage of the girl’s family. Rajni told that such online gaming should be avoided and people should be aware of child marriage.

Officer Rajni Gupta told that both of them decided to get married. On October 2, the girl ran away from the house after telling her elder sister and reached the boy. The girl’s mother also knew about this boy, but she had refused to marry him. The girl’s father has passed away. After this, the girl’s family moved from Bihar to Odisha. The girl has studied till 9th ​​standard, documents have been asked for her age.

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