Gurnam Bhullar Talks About Celebrity Security Cover in the State

Punjabi singer and actor Gurnam Bhullar shares views about the death threats received by Mankirat Aulakh. He makes a request to the CM Bhagwant Mann to offer a security cover to celebrities owing to rising gangster threats.

Gurnam Bhullar further narrated the concerns of his family who got feared after coming across this news. Also, the singer-actor has appealed to mobsters to combat their thoughts and actions against people struggling and hailing from a humble background.

In actuality, it was his upcoming movie’s Lekh promotional event. Bhullar and Tania were present together and they talked about their on-screen characters Rajvir and Ronak. They stated that the project is very special to them. It involved a lot of fascinating things from the script, and dialogues to performances.

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The duo further appreciates their director and producers who make a substantial contribution in developing this heartfelt love story. It showcases two beautiful stories of adolescent love and mature love. Also, viewers will see a new side of Gurnam Bhullar with his distinctive body transformation.

With high anticipation, it will hit theatres on 1st April 2022.

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