Saturday, December 2, 2023

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    Haryana Roadways Strike : Unraveling the Why Behind the Disruption

    Haryana Roadways employees’ strike has led to a roadblock and the suspension of bus services in response to the tragic killing of an employee, Rajveer, at the Ambala bus stand.

    The strike has stranded commuters, particularly those relying on daily bus services from Jhajjar Depot to destinations like Chandigarh, Gurugram, Delhi, and Faridabad.

    Praveen Ahlawat, the State Vice President of the Haryana Roadways Union, clarified that their intent is not to cause distress to travelers but to advocate for justice for the deceased employee’s family.

    He emphasized that the strike is a protest to compel authorities to address the grievances of Rajveer’s bereaved family.

    Passengers planning journeys for Bhai Dooj, a significant Hindu festival, found themselves caught in the crossfire, facing disappointment or seeking alternative transportation.

    Ahlawat stated that the union had already posted information about their cause on social media, asserting that the strike would persist until justice is served for the deceased employee’s family.

    He expressed frustration at the government and administration’s lack of responsiveness to the plight of Rajveer’s family, leading to the drastic measure of a roadblock.

    During the roadblock, police presence was notable at the Jhajjar Roadways bus stand to ensure public order and minimize inconvenience.

    The ongoing strike underscores the urgency of addressing the demands of the roadways employees for the resolution of the deceased colleague’s case.

    As the strike continues, commuters remain in uncertainty, awaiting a resolution that would not only end the roadblock but also bring closure to the grieving family seeking justice.

    The situation highlights the delicate balance between labor issues and the impact on the everyday lives of citizens dependent on public transportation services.


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