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    What Really Happened Behind the Scenes of X-Men? Sophie Turner Spills the Beans!

    In a recent interview with Just Jared, Sophie Turner, known for her role in Game of Thrones, shared a lighthearted yet unexpected on-set incident involving Hollywood sweetheart Jennifer Lawrence. Turner revealed that during the filming of X-Men: Apocalypse, an accidental punch to the groin occurred, leading to a memorable and comical exchange between the two actresses.

    The Unintentional ‘Vag*na Punch’ Explained

    Turner explained that the incident unfolded during a staged fight scene with co-star Evan Peters. In the midst of their faux altercation, Turner made a comment about a punch to the crotch. However, Lawrence, mishearing the remark, thought Turner had given her consent to deliver the punch. Without hesitation, Lawrence playfully executed the move, leaving Turner surprised and amused by the unexpected turn of events.

    Turner’s Amused Reaction to Lawrence’s Spontaneity

    Despite the unconventional situation, Turner responded with laughter, recalling the incident with humor. When asked about the incident, Turner shared her reaction: “She punched me in the vag*na once. I didn’t even ask her, either. It just happened.” The actress praised Lawrence’s spontaneity and genuine nature, highlighting the enjoyable and uplifting experience of working alongside the Oscar-winning star.

    Jennifer Lawrence’s Impactful On-Screen Moments and Passengers Experience

    The news piece also touched upon Jennifer Lawrence’s diverse roles in Hollywood, including her groundbreaking performance in the 2016 sci-fi drama Passengers. Noteworthy was Lawrence’s professionalism during intimate scenes with co-star Chris Pratt, who went to great lengths to ensure her comfort, especially considering his marital status at the time.

    Sophie Turner’s Recent Headlines Amidst Separation Reports

    Shifting gears, the article briefly mentioned Sophie Turner’s recent headlines surrounding her separation from ex-husband Joe Jonas. The unexpected split took fans by surprise, followed by reports of a custody battle over their children. Turner, however, remains focused on her career and continues to captivate audiences with her talent on and off the screen.

    In summary, the unexpected on-set punch shared by Sophie Turner adds a humorous touch to the camaraderie between Hollywood stars, showcasing the lighter side of their professional lives.


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