Haryana Winter Update Accident occurred due to dense fog in Karnal!

According to the villagers, car fell into the johad, in which Gangar lawyer Arjun Rana was traveling. He himself got out of his car when the car went into the johad. Villagers told that there is a single road near Johar, because of which vehicles fall into Johar earlier also. There is no railing here either. A large number of loaded vehicles keep coming and going through this road.

According to the villagers, this accident also happened because a truck was coming from the front, giving side to which the johad was not detected due to the fog and the vehicle went straight into it. The villagers have demanded that this problem should be resolved.

Due to dense fog in Karnal district of Haryana, an accident took place. The accident took place in Rambha village of the district where a car fell into a johad. The car driver narrowly escaped in the accident.

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Haryana Council approved to merge and re-organize some departments having similar nature of work reallocation of portfolios of the Haryana BJP government was done on Tuesday

After the merger of the departments in Haryana, the portfolios of the ministers were reallocated