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    Haryanvi Fresh Hits: New Releases In October’s Second Week

    The second week of October has brought a fresh wave of Haryanvi music that is set to captivate listeners across the region. With a mix of traditional melodies and modern beats, Haryanvi artists are making a mark on the music scene. Let’s explore the latest releases that are creating a buzz among music enthusiasts.

    1. “Yaari” by Bintu Pabra

    “Yaari” is a musical journey that beautifully combines Haryanvi tradition with contemporary sounds. Bintu Pabra’s enchanting voice adds an extra layer of charm to this track.

    Label: Nupur Audio

    2. “Convoy” by Khasa Aala Chahar and KD Desi Rock

    “Convoy” is a power-packed collaboration by the ultimate duo Khasa Aala Chahar and KD Desi Rock. This track is a high-energy treat for all the music enthusiasts.

    Label: VYRL Haryanvi

    3. “Jaatan Mein Fasgi” by Sahil Dhull

    From the “BADNAM CHORA EP,” “Jaatan Mein Fasgi” showcases Sahil Dhull’s lyrical prowess. This song is a perfect fusion of contemporary sounds and traditional Haryanvi elements.

    Label: Real Music Production & Dinesh Golan

    4. “Tamasha” by Ricky Singh and Ashu Twinkle

    “Tamasha” is a star-studded musical delight featuring the melodious voices of Ricky Singh and Ashu Twinkle. With a captivating music video, this track is a must-listen.

    Label: Sonotek Music

    5. “Akad Ambale Ki” by Diler Kharkiya

    Diler Kharkiya continues to impress with “Akad Ambale Ki.” With his unique style and exceptional vocals, this track is a testament to his prowess in Haryanvi music.

    Label: Saga Music

    6. “Anywhere Anytime” by Dada Sadhu

    “Anywhere Anytime” is a catchy and engaging track that showcases Dada Sadhu’s distinct approach to Haryanvi music. The song is gaining popularity rapidly.

    Label: MG Records

    As the second week of October unfolds, Haryanvi music lovers are in for a real treat. These latest releases encompass a wide range of musical styles, from soulful melodies to high-energy beats, catering to diverse tastes. Whether you prefer the fusion of modern sounds with tradition or a catchy contemporary tune, the Haryanvi music scene has something for everyone in this month’s second week.

    So, get ready to immerse yourself in the captivating world of Haryanvi music and dance to the rhythm of these fantastic releases.


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