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    Haryanvi Fresh Hits: New Releases in October’s 3rd Week

    Are you eager to update your playlist with the latest Haryanvi songs? Look no further because we’ve got you covered.

    Haryanvi music industry is buzzing with fresh releases in the third week of October 2023, and we’re here to keep you in the loop.

    Get ready to groove to the beats of these newly dropped tracks and discover what’s trending in the Haryanvi music scene.

    BOLERO – Elvish Yadav & Manisha Rani

    Kickstarting our list is “BOLERO,” a collaboration between two talented artists, Elvish Yadav and Manisha Rani. This song promises to bring an exciting blend of music and lyrics that will surely make it a hit on your playlist.

    Chora Baba Ka – Raftaar x Dhanda Nyoliwala

    Hip-hop sensation Raftaar joins forces with Dhanda Nyoliwala in “Chora Baba Ka.” This track is bound to be a high-energy anthem, perfect for those who enjoy a mix of rap and Haryanvi music.

    Chore Baithe NCR – DEV WRLD x Bad Junkie

    “Chore Baithe NCR” brings the collaboration of DEV WRLD and Bad Junkie. This song is expected to offer a unique sound that combines the best of both artists’ talents.

    Shishi Khadke – Bintu Pabra x KP Kundu

    Bintu Pabra and KP Kundu come together in “Shishi Khadke,” promising a catchy and foot-tapping track that will keep you grooving all day long.

    Nain Matakka – Vishu Puthi x Divyanka Sirohi

    “Nain Matakka” is a melodious treat brought to you by Vishu Puthi and Divyanka Sirohi. This song is likely to charm you with its sweet and soulful melodies.

    Bad Jaat – Panjeta

    Panjeta’s “Bad Jaat” is a track that could bring out your inner swag. With a fusion of contemporary sounds and Haryanvi flavor, it’s a tune to watch out for.

    Banno – Renuka Panwar

    Renuka Panwar’s “Banno” is sure to be a crowd-pleaser with its captivating vocals and engaging rhythm. It’s bound to be a hit among Haryanvi music enthusiasts.

    Eve With You – Ndee Kundu

    Ndee Kundu’s “Eve With You” promises to be a smooth and romantic number, offering a welcome change of pace from the high-energy tracks on this list.

    ISHARA – Ammy Chahar x Gungun Bakshi

    Ammy Chahar and Gungun Bakshi come together in “ISHARA,” a song that may provide a fusion of different styles, creating a unique and appealing sound.

    Gangwar – Krishan Madha x Ashu Twinkle

    Last in our list is “Gangwar,” a collaboration between Krishan Madha and Ashu Twinkle. This track is expected to pack a punch and leave a lasting impression.

    The Haryanvi music industry continues to impress with its diverse offerings. With these fresh releases in the third week of October 2023, you have a multitude of tracks to add to your playlist.

    From high-energy anthems to melodious numbers, there’s something for everyone. So, don’t miss out on these exciting new tunes – update your playlist and groove to the latest beats from Haryana’s musical talent.

    Stay tuned for more musical updates from the Haryanvi music scene!


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