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Haryanvi Writer KP Kundu Shares Thoughts on the Importance of Preserving Heritage

Haryanvi Singer and Writer KP Kundu share his thoughts on the importance of preserving one’s roots in his recent Instagram post. In the post, Kundu highlights the three heritages that one must always take care of- their village, their Khap, and their fields.

He emphasizes that in times of darkness, these heritages will act as a guiding light, providing worship in the village, the right path from the Khap, and food from one’s fields. Kundu also stresses the importance of the constitution, which holds utmost value in the country. However, the corrupt system weakens the constitution’s power, allowing those who consider themselves above it to walk unbridled.

Kundu believes that during such times, the Khyandkyan Aale Khap Chaudhary will come to ensure that the Bahubali is held accountable. The singer also urges people to remember that farming is a valuable asset, even during the worst of times. Having a farm can provide food, drinking water, and even oxygen in dire situations.

He concludes by highlighting the importance of our roots, citing that our elders never worshiped idols much, but instead, they cheated on the village’s Dada Kheda with Chandane Intawar and lit lamps in the fields. Kundu’s message serves as a reminder to stay connected with our heritage and roots, no matter how modernized our lives may become.

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