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    Do you know the history of Haryanvi film industry from 1973 to 2022?

    Every day new films get released but some films get flopped or sometimes if the film was good they don’t get support from the audience or government.

    Beera Shera was the first film which was directed by K.K.Kundra and it was a black and white film. 

    Harful Jat Julaniwala (1974) was release on 5th February 1974. It was the first colour film in Haryana. Due to poor filming, lack of publicity and government indifference they don’t get more audiences. Because of these issues for a long time, no films were getting released in the Haryanvi film industry.

    But such an incident was the valley that acted as a new dawn lane for Haryanvi cinema. It was 1979 when Mumbai Ankur & Manthan film director Shyaam Benegal visited Haryana for making a documentary film on agriculturist products. In this film, Mumbai actors Raj Tilak, Pooja Saksena, Pinchoo Kapoor and made a choice with the artist of the Rohtak Rang Manchas. 

    Raghuvendra Malik has played an initial role in the Krishi Pandit film. Also in another movie Chamatkar Raghuvendra Malik, Sumitra Hudda & Yudveer Malik have played important roles. Working with country famous directors, local artists may, on one hand, where there was enthusiasm, then the desire to touch the sky took birth.

    Artists associated with Rohtak’s Rang Manch like Raghuvendra Malik, Arbind Swami, Dr Manveer, Ranveer Kadiyan & Jay Prakash have established the banner of Haryana Film named in 1980 for film production and got its office inaugurated by Ranjit Kapoor.

    This was the period when benevolence success in the season of milk and agriculture was happening across the country. And through this benevolence, Shyam Benegal got success in the Manthan film. By getting inspired and raising the budget for the production of the film and involving more artists he has associated with Haryana Rajya Chalchitra Vikas Sahakari Samiti Limited. And he choosen Usha Sharma as a President, Raghuvendra Malik as a Title Head & Aravinda Swami as Secretary.

    And then the Bahu Rani film by Devi Shankar Prabhakar was launched by the then Chief Minister Shri Bhajan Lal at Haryana Bhawan Delhi. After facing some problems this organization of young people dedicated to the Haryanvi cinema has decided to give the central role to actress Sumitra Hudda. Then they have started making the film Bahu Rani, first, they visited Mumbai and started recording songs. Under the music director J.P.Koushik singer Bhupendra, Dilraj Kaur, Savita Sathi & Bhal Singh have sung the song. After that, the rest part of the film was shooted at villages near Rohtak like Renupura, Khokrakot & Mumbai.

    Sumitra Hudda, Manmohan Bansal & Subhash Tayer have cooperated a lot to complete this film. Bahu Rani was the film colourful film with lots of amazing music. Their songs were won the hearts of audiences.

    After this film, Devi Shankar Prabhakar had made one more film which was Chandrawal. In 1984 this film get hit because of Usha Sharma’s acting, comedy and good songs. Not on in Haryana but in Delhi, Rajasthan & UP also this film get hits. 

    When these all films get released the film industry was get on track and started giving hit movies like Ke Supne Ka Jikar(1984), Chhel Gehliyan Janghi (1984), Sanjhi (1984), Panghat(1984), Ladoo Basant(1985), Choti Sali(1986), Mari Dharti Mari Maa(1986), Baari(1987), Jar Jori or Jamin(1988), Ghoonghat ki Phatkar(1989), Ye Mati Haryani Ki (1988).

    In the 90s many more interesting films get released like Khandani Sarpanch(1990), Yaari(1991), Jhool Saman Ki (1992), Jaat(1993), Mukhlawa(1994), Janetti (1995), Chabelli (1998), Pingla Bharthari (1990), Jaatni (1991).

    During the ’20s new more films get released like Ladoo, Chan Chakori(2001), Piyaa (2000), Pihar Ki Chundgi(2006), Shanichar(2010), Muthbhed(2011), Anthwa Wachan(2011), Chndrawal 2(2012), Modern Girl Desi Chora (2013), Mati Kare Pukar(2014), Fighter(2015) & Satrangi (2016).

    Sanjhi were a super hit film in Haryanvi Industry along with this movie Ladoo and Jar Joru or Jamin was also super hit film. Though many films gets superhit but some of the films get flopped and still they have not loose their hope and going on making more super hit films. 


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