Haryana’s first blockbuster movie “CHANDRAWAL” scroll below to know more.

Chandrwal is the ancient film of the Haryanvi industry released in 1984. This is the 3rd Haryanvi language film. The film was a super hit and was the first Haryanvi film that became financially successful. Many individuals from the young generation are not aware of the film. But as Haryanvi, they must know how a film took this industry to flourish.

The lead actors of this movie are Usha Sharma & Jagat Jakhar. This film is a tragic love affair better a girl who belonged to Gadia Lohar and a boy who was a Haryanvi Jaat. There are some rumours about the sequel which is in development and will be produced by Usha Sharma.

This movie has wonderful songs namely ‘jija tu kala mai gori ghani’ ; Gaade aali gajban choru ; main suraj tu chandrawal ; nain katore mange de ho ; mera chundra manga de ho and Ujjad Khede.

“Jija tu kala main gori ghani “is a very interesting song. This song is basically based on the love-hate relationship between a girl’s sister and her husband. This movie has a very cute role of the female actress‘s sister, who sings songs for her brother in law.

Gaade aali gajban choru this song is very fun loving to listen. Sometimes it is played in Haryanvi functions like weddings, anniversaries etc. The music of this song has very fun beats as well as lyrics.


Main Suraj tu Chandrawal is a romantic song. Where the actors are seen in their romantic moments. The dancing is also there in this song. Both actor & actress looked very good together. If you haven’t listen to this song please do listen and you will surely like it.

Nain Katore mange de ho is an iconic love song. In this song, the female actress is waiting for her beloved husband to come home and the story goes on. It is a pure & slow song that will be loved by the audience. Many latest singer has made a remix on this song, all of them are on trending.

Mera Chundra manga de ho is a beautiful song from this movie which is being shot on a Hill station. The dancers wore Haryanvi dresses which showed love & respect towards their religion. Like the previous song, this song was also loved by the public and many remakes are there on YouTube.

Ujjad Khede is a wonderful song based on the hardships of the village people. In the video, there’s a scene where people are riding on a bullock cart returning from their work to home. This song really depicts the hard work and the inner strength of the people to do something.

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