Meri ri Saas Ke Panch Putr The- Haryanvi Folk Song

We love getting back to old memories and cherish whats been in existence for long. Meri ri saas ke panch putr the is a folk song that was remade in 2019. Singer Nikita took the moment to relive and let others relive the song they heard from their ancestors. The whole team must have enjoyed the making of the video. However, original folk songs are not written anywhere. They are passed on from generation to generation. But today we have singers who have given folk songs a new face.

Director Sonu Rohilla shot this video in a very simple manner. In older times, women gathered in small groups and enjoyed singing as well as dancing to such music.  The same concept is reflected in the video released under the label Fine Digital Haryanvi on April 29, 2019. Music is remixed by Rinku Gujra bring back the same taste to the natives of Haryana. 

It was a treat for all the Haryanvi, watched over by 545 million people.

After Sapna Choudary’s remake of the folk song “52 gaj ka Daman”, this song took over the internet in no time. 

Some singers in Haryana do not want the existence of culture to vanish. Nikita is one of them and is a huge contributor. She has uploaded remixes of many folk songs or Lokgeet. Mainly released under the label Fine Digital Haryanvi.  Fauji Chutti aya, Ladai bndh karke is one of the famous folk songs by Nikita on 27 April 2019. After two days of which she released the superhit folk song. You know which song I’m talking about.

Folk songs have a different and special place in our lives. We feel connected to our people and land.

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