Mukesh Jaji was seen having fun on Instagram reels with his entire crew. Want to know more read the article below.

Haryanvi industry artists were seen having a good time while making reels.

A few days ago Mukesh Jaji uploaded Instagram reels with Diler Kharakiya, Parveen Redhu and Rakesh Majreya. All the three of them were having great fun together. The reel was on the song Yaariyan by Gurpreet Hehar and they were lips sync it. In the video, we can see the bond between them. The song was dedicated towards their friendship. The lyrics says ‘ mere yaar mere lie Rabb Warga, billo tu ki Jaane ena Dian kimta’. The three Musketeers were celebrating their friendship.

In the video, we can see all the smiles, laughs and togetherness. The video went viral and we shared with many people. If you have not watched this crazy content video to wait kya kare hai? Abhi jaye or like kare video ko.

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