New Version of “Kothe Chad Lalkaru ” is released. Every Artist Have Done Their Best, Know Artist Inside

As we all know “Kothe Chad Lalkaru” song was a popular DJ Song. This song is not as much as popular on youtube but get lots of love from the public on DJ Floor. People have given so much love to that song, so in the same way, this song will also get a lot of love. In this song, the same concept is being revived with more catchy tunes.

The video of “Kothe Chad Lalkaru” was not so good but the video is improved in this new version. Gori Nagori and Bittu Sorkhi are featuring this song. Their chemistry is wonderful and liked by the public. After the release of “Kothe Chad Lalkaru 2”, it is getting immersive love and appreciation.

This song is sung by Gagan Haryanvi and Kanchan Nagar. Both singers give their best to make the vocals of this song attractive for the ears. Music is given by Black Beats which is very soothing and sweet. This song is directed by Ameet Choudhary wonderfully. It is the best combination of the old version and modern taste. So, Like each and every artist have done their best for making this song popular and superhit.

Here is the video of the song.

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