Parmish Verma’s Incredible Masterpiece ‘Ni Kudiye Tu’ Proves Itself To Be The Best Letter Dedicated To A Daughter

Parmish Verma’s Incredible Masterpiece ‘Ni Kudiye Tu’ Proves Itself To Be The Best Letter Dedicated To A Daughter

Parmish Verma is in talks from the recent times among his fans who were waiting for his most awaited song ‘Ni Kudiye Tu’ which is finally out now after a long wait. The buzz was created for the song since the day he performed the song live in one of his concerts. But today he has finally released the official track with the incredible video which is winning the hearts of the audiences.

Yesterday, Parmish dropped the official track on his YouTube handle and now he has released the video of the song which is as powerful as the track. Parmish has left no stone unturned in impressing the fans with this masterpiece. Parmish has all the respect from the women after this amazing song. He has left everyone speechless. 

Talking about the video of the song, it has been created very beautifully showing all the roles and responsibilities of a lady. He has given credit to all those who have made everyone feel proud with their greatest achievements in various fields, be it education, politics, sports, cinema or nation server by showing their short glimpse. Every word, every line has a glimpse which perfectly describes it. The most special part of the video is the Parmish Verma reciting the song to his daughter and teaching her that there is nothing that women can’t achieve and that they are capable of each and everything. The shots of the father daughter duo in the video are super cute and adorable. 

The video can’t be better, the way he has presented the song is incredible and next level and hats off to this man for making such a power packed piece and inspiring and motivating girls proving that they are no less than a man. The video and track really gave goosebumps while watching it. 

Audiences are really loving this song especially women who are thanking Parmish for making them feel special through such a song. They are dropping their hearts and love and blessings for Parmish in the comment section. 

Coming to the credits, the song has been sung in the voice of Parmish Verma whereas the high octane lyrics are penned down by Laddi Chahal. The music of the song has been produced by Shekh. 

If you haven’t witnessed the song yet, then tap the link below: 

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