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    Raahgiri Gurugram Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Over 20,000 Participants | Peddler Media

    Gurugram, Haryana – Raahgiri Gurugram, one of the most popular community events promoting fitness, camaraderie, and community policing, celebrated its 10th anniversary with resounding success. The event, held yesterday, witnessed an overwhelming participation of more than 20,000 enthusiastic individuals from all walks of life.

    Raahgiri, which has garnered immense popularity over the years, has become a flagship initiative in promoting a healthier and more active lifestyle. The event, organized in various parts of Haryana, has attracted an astounding total of over 1 crore and 30 lakh participants during its decade-long journey.

    The recent edition of Raahgiri Gurugram showcased its enduring appeal, bringing together citizens from different age groups and backgrounds. Participants engaged in a variety of activities, including cycling, walking, jogging, yoga, and other fitness routines. The event provided a unique platform for people to come together, interact, and build a sense of community spirit.

    Pankaj Nain IPS, known for his commitment to community engagement and outreach, took to Instagram to express his satisfaction with the event’s success. In his post, he stated, “Raahgiri Gurugram was successfully organized yesterday, with a participation of more than 20,000 people. Raahgiri has successfully completed its 10 years, attended by more than 1 crore 30 lakh people in various parts of Haryana. It has proved to be one of the biggest outreach and community policing programs.”

    The event’s significance extends beyond promoting physical fitness. Raahgiri has emerged as a platform for community policing, fostering stronger bonds between law enforcement agencies and the public. The presence of officials from the Directorate of Information and Public Relations (DIPR) Haryana, Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar, and the Haryana Police added to the event’s grandeur, emphasizing the government’s commitment to community-driven initiatives.

    The successful completion of Raahgiri’s 10-year journey exemplifies the dedication and passion of the organizers, volunteers, and participants who have made this event a resounding success. It serves as a testament to the power of collective action and the positive impact such initiatives can have on communities.

    The #ApniRahenApniAazadi campaign has become synonymous with Raahgiri Gurugram, encapsulating the spirit of freedom, inclusivity, and empowerment that the event promotes.

    As Raahgiri continues to inspire citizens to embrace an active and healthy lifestyle, its impact is felt far beyond the event itself. The community-driven ethos it embodies serves as a blueprint for other regions and cities seeking to promote similar initiatives that foster stronger bonds among community members and law enforcement agencies.

    Raahgiri Gurugram’s success story reaffirms the belief that when communities come together, remarkable transformations can take place. With each passing year, this remarkable event continues to set new milestones and inspire individuals to lead healthier lives while fostering a stronger sense of community spirit.

    For more updates on Raahgiri Gurugram and other community-driven initiatives, follow @diprharyana, @mlkhattar, and @cpo.hry on Instagram.

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