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    Renuka Panwar’s Top 10 Songs: Birthday Celebration with Billion-View Hits!

    Renuka Panwar, the renowned female singer from Haryana, has captured the hearts of millions with her melodious voice and captivating performances. As we celebrate her birthday today April 29th, let’s dive into her most popular songs that have taken the internet by storm.

    1. 52 GAJ KA DAMAN

    This chart-topper boasts an incredible 1.6 billion views on YouTube, showcasing Renuka Panwar’s immense popularity and musical prowess.

    2. Chatak Matak

    Another sensational hit, “Chatak Matak,” has amassed over 1 billion views, solidifying Renuka Panwar’s status as one of Haryana’s most beloved singers.

    3. Kabootar

    With 367 million views, “Kabootar” stands out as a fan-favorite, highlighting Renuka Panwar’s ability to create infectious melodies.


    This song has garnered an impressive 292 million views, reflecting Renuka Panwar’s versatility and appeal in the music industry.

    5. SunSonio (Studio Version)

    With over 215 million views, “SunSonio” showcases Renuka Panwar’s emotive singing style, resonating deeply with listeners.

    6. Naina Ke Teer

    A soulful rendition that has captured 161 million views, “Naina Ke Teer” is a testament to Renuka Panwar’s vocal finesse.

    7. Chhan Chhan

    This melodious track has garnered 153 million views, further establishing Renuka Panwar’s widespread acclaim.

    8. Mouj Jamane Main

    With 146 million views, “Mouj Jamane Main” adds to Renuka Panwar’s impressive catalog of hits.

    9. Thade Peg

    This catchy tune has amassed 131 million views, showcasing Renuka Panwar’s ability to create memorable music.

    10. BP HIGH

    Closing our list, “BP HIGH” has accumulated 104 million views, solidifying Renuka Panwar’s position as a leading figure in Haryana’s music scene.

    Renuka Panwar’s journey has been nothing short of extraordinary, and her music continues to resonate with audiences worldwide. On this special occasion of her birthday, let’s celebrate Renuka Panwar’s remarkable achievements and her contribution to the Haryanvi music industry.

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