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Color of patriotism: Sapna Choudhary wears tricolor saree on Independence Day

Sapna Chaudhary always remains in the discussion about her dance videos. Actors keep sharing new videos and photos on social media. Sapna rules the entire Haryana with her style. Fans waiting for her every new post. Her videos and photos become viral among her fans as soon as arrive. meanwhile, Sapna has shared a new video on her Instagram account, seeing which you will also say, Jai Hind.

Sapna, who rules everyone’s hearts with Haryanvi songs, has shared a new video. In this video, the artist is seen wearing a tricolor sari. She has also taken the flag of the country in his hand. Sapna has very simply congratulated her fans on the 75th festival.

Sapna Wrote her caption in her style take a look

You keep finding the flaws in our loyalty…!
Our love is not from religion but from the country…

Neither the government is mine nor the power is mine.
No big name is mine,
I am proud of one small thing,
I belong to ‘Hindustan’ and ‘Hindustan’ is mine.

Jai Hind Happy Independence Day

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