Kiey’s Electro-Pop “Sunday Sanctuary

Kiey’s Electro-Pop “Sunday Sanctuary” sends a message of tranquility and positivity amidst the pandemic!

Based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam one of the few communist states left in the world, electro-pop artist Kiey has aimed to target international audiences with his English electro-pop music. Taking inspiration from the place he spent three years studying, London, Kiey’s ethereal and unique song “Sunday Sanctuary” is the perfect first single to introduce the vibe and message of his upcoming album of the same name.

Kiey first started producing music in 2015 during his free time at University at King’s College in London, sing every opportunity to learn how to create his own music and get his hands on equipment which he bought online. Deciding to create English language-only pop songs, Kiey’s music differs greatly from Vietnam’s airwaves which are taken up with traditional ballads and instead aims for an international audience. Returning to Vietnam, he was determined to follow through with his dream of creating music.audience. Returning to Vietnam, he was determined to follow through with his dream of creating music.

Influenced by some of his musical heroes, including Lana Del Rey, Britney Spears, Sia and Joji – the result is the debut album Night to Myself, released in 2019, from which the track Piccadilly is taken, a stunning mix of melancholic electro textures and Kiey’s vocals set in a neon dreamworld in which he yearns to return to the dark yet exciting streets of London.

Now Kiey is readying to release his sophomore album, using the message of “Sunday Sanctuary” as the first brush of positivity which he hopes to bring into the world amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. The song at its core is about the serenity and happiness of spending time with loved ones on a Sunday. The lyrical content describes the feeling of exhaustion after a busy week of work and the joy of spending the whole of Sunday with someone be it a lover or a family member doing various mundane activities (taking walks, shopping, drinking coffee etc). In Kiey’s vision, the message and tone of the song represents the overarching sweet and euphorically pleasant mood of the album.

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