Sidhu Musewala Murdered and now there is a possibility of gang war: Lawrence Bishnoi gang took responsibility

After the murder of famous Punjabi singer Shubhdeep Singh alias Sidhu Moosewala, the possibility of gang war has increased in Punjab. Notorious gangster Lawrence Vishnoi’s gang has claimed the responsibility for killing Moosewala. Vishnoi gang and their fellow Canadian gangster Goldie Brar said that we have avenged the murder of Vicky Middukheda, who was murdered in Mohali. At the same time, gangster Davinder Bambiha gang has also come to the fore. He said that within 2 days we will take revenge for this.

Murder committed on leaving home

Sidhu Musewala was shot dead at around 5.30 pm on Sunday evening. At that time Sidhu was going by Thar jeep along with his two companions. The attackers chased them in a car. Then two vehicles came from the front and surrounded Thar. Then opened fire with 3 weapons including an AK-47. The whole incident was tracked in such a way that Moosewala could not even move from the driving seat of the Thar. Due to this Musewala died on the spot.

Moosewala was the target of gangsters, Punjab government reduced security
Sidhu Musewala was the target of gangsters. Despite this, on Saturday, the Punjab government reduced its security. He had only 2 gunmen left. Musewala was also worried about safety. He also talked to the lawyer about this. Apart from this, his close singer Amrit Mann was also called to meet. Musewala had talked about doing something important. It is believed that he was about to talk about security only. Now questions are being raised on the Punjab government regarding this.

Sidhu Musewala’s birthday was on June 11. He was murdered before that. Musewala was born in 1993. He was still unmarried. Moosewala has often been in controversies with his songs. He was accused of promoting gun culture. Despite this, his fan following was very high. He also contested the election this time, though he lost to Mansa.

DGP VK Bhavra said that Moosewala left the house at 4.30 pm. At 5:30 he himself was driving to Thar. There were 2 people with him. There was a car behind them and 2 vehicles came from the front. They were shot. He was dead by the time he reached the hospital.

This is a case of a gang war. The name of Sidhu Musewala’s manager Shaganpreet had cropped up in the murder of Vicky Middukheda in Mohali. Shaganpreet is in Australia. To avenge him, Lawrence Vishnoi’s gang has got this murder done. The responsibility of this has been taken by the gangster sitting in Canada. The DGP said that Moosewala has four commandos of Punjab Police. Due to Ghallughara Day, two of his commands were withdrawn. He had 2 commands. When he left, he did not take the commands with him. Told the commands that they did not need to come along.

Musewala had a private bullet proof vehicle, that too Musewala did not take with him. Special Investigation Team is being formed on the orders of CM Bhagwant Mann. For this the IG of the range has been told. Three types of weapon shells have been found from the spot. During this more than 30 fires took place.

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