Sonam Wangchuk Appeals to PM Modi

Sonam Wangchuk Appeals to PM Modi Will Sit on Fast

Sonam Wangchuk, also known as the “real-life Phunsukh Wangdu” from the film 3 Idiots, praised Prime Minister Modi for banning the use of single-use plastic. However, he also highlighted the dire concerns facing Ladakh, a Union Territory in India, and called for discussions with PM Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah.

Wangchuk cites protests surrounding the 6th Schedule of the Constitution, where local bodies and youths have been demanding autonomy for Ladakh to ensure economic development and independent decision-making. He also announced that he will be holding a 5-day fast at the Khardung La pass, located at 18,000 ft, where temperatures can drop to minus 40 degrees Celsius, starting on Republic Day. He ended the video by saying, “If I survive, I will see you.”

Wangchuk’s call for action on the issues facing Ladakh highlights the importance of addressing the needs of marginalized communities and regions in the country. His decision to hold a fast at such a high altitude, where temperatures are extreme, also shows his dedication and determination to bring attention to these issues. It remains to be seen if PM Modi and Home Minister Shah will respond to his call for discussion and if Wangchuk will survive his fast at Khardung La pass.

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