Sumit Goswami has a wife !!!

Sumit Goswami, the singer of the 496 million views song, feelings is a prominent artist in the Haryanvi Music Industry. He wishes her wife a very happy birthday on Instagram. But wait? Did we even know that he has a wife?

Something spicy coming your way. It is actually been over 7 weeks that they are officially husband and wife. “Tu Mera, main tera, Tere bin Jahan Nahi”, were his beautiful and heart-touching words for his beautiful wife on his post on Instagram. Well, a piece of big news had to be shared on social media sites. Isn’t it? That’s what we are all entertained by. True fact.

Sumit Goswami is seen on many youtube music labels. SonoTek Music, Speed Records Haryanvi, Sony Music India, Young Blood music, and more.

Do check out his work on youtube. 

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