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    Top 10 Haryanvi Male Model of Haryana Entertainment Industry.

    If we talk about beauty, it is in the eyes of the beholder. But nowadays in the age of filters, don’t even believe your eyes. In today’s article, we will talk about 10 such male models of Haryana who are smart in reality and have fan following in Millions. If any of these 10 male models featuring any song, then the song is sure to be a hit.

    Let’s talk about them:

    10. Ameet Choudhary

    Born on 6th September 1992, in Bandrana Village Kaithal. Ameet Choudhary started his career in the theatre of Kurukshetra University. He has also worked in the Punjabi movie Once Upon a Time in Amritsar, Baari. He started his career in the Haryanvi music industry as a director in the song “Deewana mujhko bana diya” and then came into modelling. The public liked his acting skills and him as a model.

    9. Pardeep Boora

    Born on 20th February 1991, in Bhiwani district, He started his career as a model with Sapna Choudhary in the “Laad Piya ke” song. His acting skills are very catchy and attractive. This song was sung by Raju Punjabi and penned by Binder Danoda. Pradeep Boora has come with many Haryanvi popular songs such as “Pataka Pakistan ka”, “Bhaya di Anpadh Haali ke” and “Lambi Lambi Chori”.

    8. Aman Jaji

    Born on 10th April 2002, in Jaji village Sonipat, He is more popular among girls. His Uncle was already in the music line and He also started his career as a music director. He gave the most popular song of Haryana music industry “52 Gaj ka daman”.

    7. Kuldeep Kaushik

    Born on 30th June 1993, in Charkhi Dadri, He is the most handsome guy in Haryana, Whose dialogue delivery and looks is very dangerous. He started his career at Tiktok. He attracted millions of fans from his Tiktok and then got a chance in Haryanvi songs as a model. He came with many popular songs such as “Coca Cola”, “Darmi Cool” and “Tokk”.

    6. Vicky Kajla

    Born on 14th October, in Jhajjar district, When Vicky Kajla started his career that time the production quality of Haryanvi songs is very low. He started the high budget songs in Haryana. There are millions of fans of his look. He has come with popular songs such as “Badli Badli Laga”, ”English Medium” , “Desi Desi” and Bawli Tared”.

    5. MD Desi Rockstar

    Born on 25th April 1986, Gurugram, MD is more liked as a model Instead of as a singer and rapper. Because he has a different style and swag. Make people emotional too, by acting in songs like “Laado Rani”. His many popular songs are “Desi Desi”, “Total Talli”, “Flirt” and “Laado Rani”.

    4. Manjeet Panchal

    Born on 5th July 1984, in Rohtak, He is a multi-talented artist. He worked as a songwriter3., model and as video director too. Everyone is a fan of his looks, hairstyle and his dance. He started his career from Kuldeep Bahlara’s album “Do Duni Chaar”. His popular songs are “Desi Brand”, “Tutak Tutak” and “Gharwali Bharwali”.

    3. Uttar Kumar

    Born on 7th October 1973, in Uttar Pradesh, His acting skills attracted millions of hearts. His performance in Haryanvi songs and movies is mind-blowing. His famous movies are “Dhakaad Chora”,” Fajita” and “Izzat Bezzati” and songs are “Madam Cute”, “Raaji bolja” and “Sabta Hat ke”.

    2. Ajay Hooda

    Born on 6th October 1983, in Rohtak, Ajay Hooda is the most dedicated and famous model of the Haryana music industry. He is a writer also. Till today the song which Ajay Hooda has written and acted has never been underrated. He is also known as DJ King of Haryana. His popular songs are “Bahu Kaale ki”, “Dil wali kothi” and “Gun”.

    1. Vijay Verma

    Born on 15th December 1992, in Badli, There are millions of fan following for his dance, his acting and style. He is the evolutionary actor of the Haryana music industry. His popular songs are “Mulakaat”,”Madam Baith Balero me”,”+2 fail” and “kele jo larje”.

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