Yami Gautam Doesn’t Mind Auditioning for Roles: ‘Gave A Look Test for Kaabil, For Bala I Read Lines’

Yami Gautam had made an impressive debut with Vicky Donor. The film was an instant hit and Yami quickly made it into the hearts of the audiences. She has given some good performances with films like A Thursday, Bala and Uri. Despite her performances, the actress revealed that the industry still doesn’t think she has arrived, because she isn’t a part of certain circles in the industry.

Talking to Indian Express, Yami recalled a meeting with someone where she was told to attend more parties to be seen. She said, “Recently I reached early for a meeting, where I met somebody’s manager, somebody really senior. She asked me how she doesn’t see me in many parties. I didn’t understand what’s the big deal, but she insisted that I need to be seen in these places. She said, ‘Until you’re not seen, you’ve not arrived’. I told her that I thought I had arrived with a very good film, but she kept on insisting that I need to network and get out, I need to up my game, and be seen everywhere. She also said, ‘you might have done a great first film, but that’s over, you’re forgotten’. I told her that I will not go, because to be a part of these parties, I first have to be invited. To which she said she can get that done for me. But that’s not how I want to go, I don’t want to get myself invited, I don’t come from that thought process.”

She further added that she is okay to audition, but doesn’t want to be a part of certain circles to feel that she has ‘arrived’. She said, “If I really want to go somewhere, I’d be happy, but if I have to be somewhere out of this pressure that I have not arrived until and unless I am a part of a certain circle, then it is not right. I am not the only one who thinks like that, there are many like-minded actors who believe in this. So how does an actor like me navigate through work in this industry? I am happy to audition for roles, even after Vicky Donor I gave a look test for Kaabil; for Bala I read lines, it wasn’t a test but still. And rightly so, there are certain characters where the director doesn’t know you at all. When people talk about success, it should be about getting where you want to be, while being the same person at your heart and doing what you believe in.”

Yami was recently seen in the film Dasvi, where she played the character of a Haryanvi cop. While many lauded her performance. Yami was disappointed with how the negative reviews targeted her.

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