Why Does Weed Make Some People Paranoid?

I think that some of what we call paranoia just normal paranoia is hypersensitivity and hyperawareness and awareness of a lot of things that you’re putting off in the back of your head because in order to function as a normal person get through this life you can’t really be aware of everything otherwise you yes look you paralyzed by fear we’re in space, Okay we are on a gigantic ball that’s spinning a thousand miles an hour curling through infinity this is reality take a so thin layer of gas it’s protecting us from everything that’s flying around in our source you’re gonna die like the Sun is gonna end like at the I mean imagine if people do live to an infinite number we realize our Sun is dying you’re gonna freak out

about that it’s all relative right so there’s only so much you really can think about and some of what paranoia is this hyper-awareness of all these variables that you really haven’t considered and then also we were talking about before the things that can be beneficial the hyper-awareness of how you communicated with people maybe you could have done a better job with that maybe you came in hot maybe you were upset about something else when you ran into them you were already at a seven and they brought you to a ten it was totally unnecessary within a normal situation you would have only been at a 2 then those things are real and sometimes marijuana helps highlight all the errors in your way I think it can be a tool but my description of it is like any other tool with it as a hammer you can build a house of the hammer or you can just hit yourself in the dick if you’re

Crazy and this is something that I think that we should consider when we’re discussing almost any psychedelic medicine I think that I really do believe that marijuana is a psychedelic and I don’t even think it’s a mild one especially when it’s in an edible form I don’t think it’s mild at

All yeah I mean that there are some people that come into my office for example and like just when I meet them like after one or two minutes I was just I just got to decide in my head this person’s not using THC you know like this person is ancient what kid what gives you that was that what it is anxious yeah it’s just a feeling of they’re not really they’re not someone who can just sit and kind of like be by themself you know they just kind of give me the impression that you know they’re not going to do well with cannabis

Because if they have any type of change in their psyche they’re gonna see that as bad that’s bad you know right and as you got it when you’re using cannabis you have to be sown and who-who knows that okay I’m gonna get a little bit of maybe paranoia out or at least my psyche is gonna change a little bit I am using you know the psychoactive substance and not be able to freak out right but some people you know I know that if they used a little bit of THC they probably would have a freak out they probably would have a bad experience generates people who are you know very very fearful

You know the other side of that coin though is that if you use CBD and like we discussed earlier that could decrease learned fear right so so that so you know that’s something that’s really helpful for those patients but you know I do agree that you know we have to be careful about using high THC in certain groups of people for sure

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